Applause for Stephanie Vendetti

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An Applause for

Stephanie Vendetti

Events and Outreach Specialist
Center for Science, Mathematics & Computer Education

“In Fall of 2019, we began organizing a cross-disciplinary conference with which Stephanie helped. In Spring of 2020, the conference was cancelled due to COVID. In Spring 2021, the conference was facilitated virtually. Over the almost two years of planning, Stephanie simply performed and planned so excellently that the conference was exceptionally smooth. So much so, that conference attendees were offering constant praise for how well organized the conference was. I know the success of this conference had nothing to do with the faculty who were organizing and everything to do with the behind-the-scenes work carried out by Stephanie (and Lindsay). Together, they anticipated issues and demonstrated foresight and care that ended up paying off immensely. I am so thankful to Stephanie for putting up with my often redundant and probably annoying questions with patience and helpfulness.”

• • •

“Stephanie does event coordination for the CSMCE. As the pandemic forced all of us to work from home and canceled most events, Stephanie responded by quickly becoming an expert at organizing and conducting virtual events using Zoom and other technologies. SciComm grew to be an international event with 600 registrations from 44 states and 34 countries. Other events to benefit greatly from her talent included UNL Math Day, the Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women and X-DBER. Frequently we received evaluations with statements like "the best virtual event I have attended." Stephanie Vendetti is one of the important reasons for our success.”

• • •

“Stephanie is extremely organized and hardworking. When there's a problem, she doesn't rest until she figures out a solution. In the past year, all of the Center's conferences and classes had to be converted from in-person to virtual, and thanks to Stephanie (among others) they all went very smoothly.”

• • •

“I have worked with Stephanie and a broader team to plan two X-DBER conferences. Our initial conference was scheduled for May 2020, but this ended up being postponed to Mar 2021. In planning both of these conferences, I found working with Stephanie to be very helpful and rewarding. I appreciated her insights, expertise, and willingness to help us implement our emerging vision. I am so thankful that she is completely reliable and proactive, which helps free up a lot of mental energy. Her professionalism makes the work much easier. Stephanie did a really fabulous job to make this conference run smoothly, which reflected positively on the UNL community. I can remember the morning of the first day of the conference when I saw Stephanie put on her headset, and I could tell by the look in her eyes that we were ready to roll and that the conference was in good hands! I hope that Stephanie can be recognize for her amazing efforts.”

• • •

“Stephanie is truly amazing. She is proactive in performing her duties, patient with everyone she works with, thorough in everything she does, and incredibly dedicated to the success of every event coordinated by the CSMCE. Stephanie is even willing to put in time after-hours to make sure events run smoothly.”