Applause for Terry Haverkost

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An Applause for

Terry Haverkost

Strategic Research Funding Coordinator
Department of Chemistry

August 2017

“It is with great pleasure to nominate Terry for the Applause. Terry has been in Chemistry for over a year. In that time, he has been instrumental in the pre-award process for grant submissions. Terry has provided his expertise as liaison with faculty to prepare their budgets, complete agency form pages, review of scientific narrative, and other facets required in submitting grants. He has also participated in the writing and information gathering for the APR. In and of itself, this exercise requires collecting of information and coordinating with the Chair for its final product. Terry tackles all tasks with a smile. He has a great sense of humor and is ready to tackle new projects (knitting !!!!). Recently, Terry organized a staff activity ‘pie in the sky’ prior to the solar eclipse, in which we brought in pie to share. What a great place to work! Thanks Terry for all that you do for the department and university!”

• • •

“Terry has been a great addition to the Chemistry team. Terry is unusually bright and articulate, and he combines this with an outstanding work ethic and dedication to his position. To boot, he carries himself with humility and class. Terry is responsible for both identifying new funding opportunities that might be of interest to faculty or teams, and also for assisting with proposal development, especially for large proposals. Terry has taken it upon himself to learn the specializations of all of the faculty so that he is in a better position to seek out the funding opportunities. The results are apparent; we are all being made aware of RFPs (requests for proposals) that we would have otherwise missed. Whenever we reach out to Terry for help, he responds immediately, juggling parallel tasks almost seamlessly. His work is always precise and very professionally done. On top of all this, Terry has very quickly integrated himself into the Chemistry Staff team; he is very well liked and the human chemistry is good! Terry is truly one of our most valuable players, please give him an Applause!”

• • •

“Terry has quickly become a very reliable partner to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) when it comes to preparing and submitting grant proposals for the Department of Chemistry. His attention to detail and ability to quickly adapt makes him a great resource for OSP and the faculty he works with. Specifically, his work on a recent NSRI proposal was invaluable and the proposal (specifically the budget) would not have been submitted, at least not at the same level of quality, without his efforts. Please give him an Applause!”