Applause for Tom Danaher

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An Applause for

Tom Danaher

Administrative Assistant
Department of Mathematics

Summer 2022

“Tom Danaher has consistently been a very valuable colleague and resource in the Department of Mathematics. He has the answers to every question at his fingertips, he is generous with his time in talking through technical issues, and he frequently contributes suggestions of better ways to navigate UNL budgetary processes and paperwork than I'd envisioned. He goes above and beyond in helping department members in very concrete ways as well, for example helping faculty move their furniture when they move offices. Tom Danaher's contributions to our department are terrific, and I am pleased to nominate him for this well-deserved award.”

• • •

“I am nominating Tom Danaher for his invaluable help with many work-related stressful issues and for often going out of his way to fix mistakes that I made. This includes changing the duration of my AMS membership so that it could be covered by my grant, and helping out with all my immigration paperwork (visa renewals, green card application, etc).”

• • •

“I have recently started at the University, and Tom has been very helpful in getting me set up here. I've bothered him with lots of questions and he has always been very patient and helpful!”

• • •

“Tom is a huge asset to the Math Department as well as the CAS and CSMCE! He is someone that I don't hesitate to ask a question or get an opinion for a business process/procedure. He also has the most pleasant demeanor of anyone I work with. This is a blessing. I believe that he should receive the Applause award!”

• • •

“Tom Danaher has been an outstanding business and personnel manager and assistant to the Chair for well over a decade. His job is critically important to the department, handling all the paperwork when faculty and GTAs are hired or reappointed, staying on top of the budget and keeping the department in the black, ensuring bills are paid and employees are reimbursed, helping with promotion and tenure files, and -- most importantly -- making sure everyone gets paid! Tom does all of this with a friendly and patient demeanor. (One often has to be very patient with faculty!) Tom also was willing to work in-person almost every day over the course of the pandemic to allow other staff who needed accommodations to work remotely. In many ways, Tom is the glue holding the department together. He is highly deserving of an applause award! ”