Applause for Tricia Jurgens

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An Applause for

Tricia Jurgens

BRFSS Project Associate
Bureau of Sociological Research


“Tricia Jurgens is an extremely valuable asset to the projects she works on and BOSR as a whole. She has worked on the BRFSS and ATS longer than anyone else in our office and her knowledge of these projects is beyond beneficial and very much appreciated. She is dedicated and believes in the work that we do and is able to convey the importance of the work that we do to the interviewing staff. Tricia has taken on many tasks to help with daily operations, quality control and interviewer management. She creates productivity reports on a daily basis, helps with sample management and takes the lead on interviewer scheduling. She has created and maintains a Microsoft Access system for managing the verification callback process. She excelled during the early stages of the pandemic and helped transition our call center of 50 employees to remote work and she continues to be very helpful as we continue to navigate the changes that still come with it. She has great communication skills. The Whitehall staff all really likes and respects Tricia. She has developed an excellent rapport with the interviewers and supervisors. We have had many interviewers feel like they can talk to her in confidence. Tricia very much deserves an Applause, we don’t know what we’d do without her!”

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“Tricia is part of BOSR's Whitehall phone shop. She has been with BOSR since we took over BFRSS and ATS in 2013. She is a hard worker, and is willing to pitch in and help with whatever the projects need. She has also been helpful with the new projects that BOSR's Oldfather location has thrown at Whitehall, teaching us new programs and helping find ways for us to incorporate efficiencies between our two locations. Tricia deserves an Applause!”

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“I believe Tricia deserves this award because since the day I met her (which has been a long time now), she has been friendly, welcoming and helpful. Whenever I see her, she has a smile on her face. I know that if I have any questions she would be more than willing to answer them or find the answer if she didn't know. She is always willing to help if I or anyone needs help. She is very knowledgeable in what she does and takes pride in what she does.”

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“Tricia has always been very helpful and always knows what to do to handle a situation. She works hard for all the employees here and is very understanding. She does her best to help others out even when she is loaded down with her own work to do and makes sure that things are done in a timely manner.”

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“Tricia is an integral part of BOSR operations in our Whitehall phone shop. Tricia was actually with the Whitehall phone shop long before BOSR took over the contract in 2013. As a result, she is incredibly knowledgeable of the Whitehall projects. Her years of experience have also given her the background to create efficiencies on the many repeat processes. These projects are repeated every year, so every year she works to improve the quality and quantity of our work more and more. Tricia's value extends far beyond the specific projects at Whitehall. As a former interviewer and interviewer supervisor, she is able to help with training and managing Whitehall interviewing staff. Whitehall typically has over 100 employees at any time, so managing and supervising that many interviewers is a huge task. Tricia can not only help interviewers with anything they struggle with but can also hop in and make calls when projects need additional calling hours. Tricia is a true asset to BOSR and the College. We would be at a serious disadvantage without her.”