CAS Mentoring Award

The CAS Mentoring Award honors faculty or staff involved in exemplary mentoring activities. Many of our faculty and staff are dedicated and effective mentors, and this award recognizes mentoring excellence that goes above and beyond normally expected contributions.

CAS Mentoring Award Nomination Form


Any full-time faculty or staff member in the college.


Two $1000 awards will be given each year, one to a faculty member and the other to a staff member.


In keeping with the mission and goals of the College of Arts and Sciences, CAS Mentoring Award recipients will have demonstrated a sustained record in mentoring colleagues, graduate students, undergraduate students or staff, either in the home unit or in another department. These activities might include:

  • Active and consistent mentoring of faculty, students, and/or staff
  • Notable effectiveness in mentoring others through challenging circumstances
  • A record of mentoring significant numbers of people
  • Making contributions to the development of a professional culture that supports and encourages mentoring
  • Making professional contributions to the understanding of best practices in mentoring

Nomination materials

Nominees must submit:

1. A completed nomination form signed by the relevant department/program chair or supervisor.

2. A nomination letter from a colleague on campus. The letter should address the nominee’s efforts at mentoring and describe the impact of the nominee’s mentoring activities (maximum 2 pages).

3. A statement from the nominee outlining both the goals and successes of the mentoring activities (maximum 2 pages).

4. Letters of support from mentees citing specific examples of effective mentoring. (maximum 2 pages each/limit three letters).