CAS Staff Council Rules of Order

I. Scope and Purpose

The A&S Staff Council is a cross section of the staff and does not represent the opinions of the staff as a whole.  The work of the council will be transparent and communicated regularly.  The A&S Staff Council will annually review its Rules of Order.

The purpose of the A&S Staff Council is to:  

  1. Solicit concerns or ideas from the staff, discuss and raise them as appropriate, to the dean
  2. Act as a sounding board for the dean to inform his/her decision making process on policies and procedures affecting the college
  3. Promote and/or create events that focus on the professional development of A&S staff
  4. Promote and/or create opportunities for staff to network and build a stronger A&S community
  5. Promote the importance of and advocate for A&S staff recognition

II. Membership

The A&S Staff Council will consist of at least ten members, including (if possible) at least one representative of each of the following functional areas: Office Support, Business Support, Technical Support, Lab Support, and Advising/Outreach.  The ex officio member to the council is the Assistant Dean for Business and Finance, serving as the council adviser. 

Section 1 — Eligibility

Any regular full or part-time member of the A&S staff (Office Service and Managerial Professional) shall be eligible for membership.

Section 2 — Recruitment

The Staff Council members will be responsible for recruiting and appointing new members to fill vacancies on the council.  Staff Council vacancies will be advertised to all the staff in the college.  The appointment process will try to ensure that all afore-mentioned areas of expertise are represented on the council to keep this diversity.

Section 3 — Terms and Attendance

Council members will serve 2-year terms (with the exception of the first year, in which five members had 1-year appointments to stagger the inflow/outflow of the membership).  New terms will begin July 1 of each year.  Once an individual serves, they will be required to sit out one year before being eligible to serve again.

Attendance at monthly meetings is required. Absences may be excused by notifying the A&S Chair prior to the meeting. A&S members accumulating more than three (3) consecutive unexcused absences or six (6) total absences in a twelve (12) month period may be terminated from membership, in order to assure adequate membership participation.  The Staff Council will then appoint a new member.

Section 4 — Mid–Term Vacancies

If in the event a member is unable to fulfill their term and if the council membership would go below ten members, then the Council Advisor will appoint a new member to fulfill the original member’s term.

III. Officers, Member Responsibilities, Subcommittees

Section 1

The A&S Staff Council will have a Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary.  The Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary will serve in this capacity for one year. 

Article A – Officer Elections
At the end of the Chair’s term, the Vice-Chair will be automatically installed into the Chair position.  The Vice Chair and Secretary will be chosen by the Staff Council.  The election of the Vice Chair and Secretary will occur in September of each year to allow the new-member candidates a period of adjustment to the Council.  The outgoing Secretary will serve until a new one is selected in September.  The Vice Chair and Secretary candidates must be amongst the first year members.  New officers must be serving in their respective position no later than the October meeting.

Article B – Officer Duties
The Chair shall preside at meetings of the Staff Council and create and distribute the agenda for the meetings.  The Chair shall lead the Council in its activities, provide direction, and follow up on group and individual council efforts.  The Vice-Chair will serve as Chair during the Chair’s absence and serve in other capacities as the Chair or Council may direct.  The Secretary will prepare and distribute Staff Council meeting minutes as well as assist Chair and Vice Chair with other duties as requested.

Article C – Staff Council Member Responsibilities
All Staff Council members will be responsible for:

  1. Promoting the visibility of the council in the college
  2. Contributing towards the purpose of the council
  3. Soliciting concerns and ideas from fellow staff members
  4. Recruiting and appointing new members to fill vacancies on the council

Section 2

The A&S Staff Council may establish subcommittees.  Subcommittee members will consist of volunteers from the council and college staff, and may be as formal/informal as deemed necessary.

IV. Meetings

The A&S Staff Council will meet at least once per month or more as needs arise.   Subcommittees may report at each council meeting and meet as needed to achieve their goals.

V. Amendments

In addition to the provisions of the A&S Staff Council Rules of Order, any amendments to these Rules of Order or on Council Governance must be approved by an absolute two-thirds majority vote of the members of the Council.

Ratified November 5, 2012

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