Class Size Policy

The College of Arts and Sciences class size policies are general guidelines for making decisions about class scheduling and, when enrollments are below the minimum, class cancellations. Individual units may be granted exceptions based on the size of the program, careful documentation regarding the need for the number of classes being offered, careful examination of alternatives, and other discipline-related factors.

Classes can be exempt from the class-size policy if they do not count toward the faculty member's teaching load (e.g. if a faculty member is teaching a one-credit 900-level seminar for a small number of students). Units may set higher enrollment thresholds based on their needs.

Chairs and directors of units should monitor class enrollments the semester prior to when classes are scheduled to run so that faculty will have adequate time for modifications if their teaching schedules change.

If a class is cancelled due to low enrollment, the faculty member may be required to teach another class in the same semester or teach an overload in the following year or some other alternative work assignment agreed upon by the chair.

300 12
400 12
4/800 10
800 7
900 5