Committee on Academic Freedom and Freedom of Speech

Julia Schleck Humanities 2021
Kevin Smith Social Sciences 2021
Ari Kohen Social Sciences 2022
Anna Hiatt Sciences 2022
Dawne Curry Humanities 2023
David Harwood Sciences 2023
Pat Dussault Dean's Office 2023

Curriculum and Advising Committee

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Julia Frengs Humanities 2023
Scott Stoltenberg, Chair Social Sciences 2021
Huijing Du Sciences 2021
Amanda Gailey Humanities 2022
Eric Malina Sciences 2022
Amy Beyer (nonvoting) Advising Center 2021
Michael Dodd (nonvoting) Soc Sci (UCC rep) 2021
Ana Hingorani SAB member 2021
Sawyer Smith SAB member 2021
Christina Fielder  Advising Center  
June Griffin, Exec Sec    

Endowed/College Professorships Committee

Eileen Hebets Sciences 2023
Dawn O. Braithwaite Social Sciences 2023
Petronela Radu Sciences 2021
John Brunero Humanities 2021
Cary Savage Social Sciences 2022
Pat Dussault, Chair    

Executive Committee

Meeting Minutes

Stephen Burnett (appointed) Humanities 2021
Adam Houston (appointed) Sciences 2021
Casey Kelly (appointed) Social Sciences 2021
Lisa Crockett (elected) Social Sciences 2022
Ken Bloom (elected) Sciences 2022
Katrina Jagodinsky (elected) Humanities 2022
Sabrina Russo (elected) Sciences 2021
Lory Janelle Dance (elected) Social Sciences 2021
June Griffin    
Pat Dussault    
William G. Thomas III    
Mark Button, Chair    

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) Advisory Committee

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Nicole Green Humanities 2022
Thomas Gannon Humanities 2022
Deb Hope, co-chair Social sciences 2021
Jamaica Baldwin Graduate student 2021
Lindsay Augustyn Staff 2022
Kwakiutl Dreher Humanities 2022
Christine Kelley Sciences 2024
Rachel Azima Humanities 2022
Lindsey Witt-Swanson, co-chair Social sciences 2023
Angela Adler Graduate student 2024
Anthony Budell Undergraduate student 2021
Duncan Works Undergraduate student 2021
June Griffin, Exec. Secretary

Promotion and Tenure Committee

Regina Werum Social Sciences 2023
Jeannette Eileen Jones Humanities 2023
Alan Christensen Sciences 2021
William Spaulding Social Sciences 2021
Mark van Roojen Humanities 2022
Mohammad Rammaha Sciences 2022
Pat Dussault    
Mark Button, Chair    

Research Advisory Committee (CASRAC)

Becca Brock Social Sciences 2021
Barry Cheung Sciences 2020
Carolyn Heitman Social Sciences 2020
Emily Kazyak Social Sciences 2021
Kristi Montooth Sciences 2021
Jordan Stump Humanities 2021
Shireen Adenwalla Sciences 2022
Jeannette Jones Humanities 2022
Alice Kang Social Sciences 2022
Colin McLear Humanities 2022
Brie Owen Humanities 2022
Alex Zupan Sciences 2022

Student Academic Distinction, Awards, and Appeals Committee

Robert Shepard Social Sciences 2023
Alexander Sinitskii Sciences 2021
Angela Palmer-Wackerly Social Sciences 2021
Stephen Behrendt Humanities 2022
Ross Secord Sciences 2022
Stella Uiterwaal Graduate Student 2020
Ana Hingorani SAB member 2020
Salan Hundai SAB member 2020
Kaitlyn Ferris (nonvoting) Advising Center 2020
June Griffin