Assessment Committee

Eric Malina Sciences 2019
Aaron Bronfman Humanities 2019
Anne Schutte Social Sciences 2019
Emira Ibrahimpasic Humanities 2019
John Osterman, Chair    

Curriculum and Advising Committee

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Reina Hayaki, Chair Humanities 2019
Gwendolyn Bachman Sciences 2019
Kristen Olson Social Sciences 2020
Scott Stoltenberg Social Sciences 2021
Glenn Ledder Sciences 2021
Amy Beyer (nonvoting) Advising Center 2019
Michael Dodd (nonvoting) Soc Sci (UCC rep) 2019
Adrianna Lobitz SAB member 2019
Caroline Trupp SAB member 2019
Christina Fielder  Advising Center  
June Griffin, Exec Sec    

Endowed/College Professorships Committee

Kimberly Tyler Social Sciences 2019
David Hage Sciences 2020
Parks Coble Humanities 2020
Petronela Radu Sciences 2021
John Brunero Humanities 2021
Priscilla Hayden-Roy, Chair    

Executive Committee

Meeting Minutes

Liangcheng Du (appointed) Sciences 2019
Elizabeth Enkin (appointed) Humanities 2019
Regina Werum (appointed) Social Sciences 2019
Tracy Frank (elected) Sciences 2019
Anne Duncan (elected) Humanities 2019
Dona-Gene Barton (elected) Social Sciences 2020
David Pitts (elected) Sciences 2020
Stacey Waite (elected) Humanities 2020
June Griffin    
Priscilla Hayden-Roy    
Kirk Dombrowski    
John Osterman    
Elizabeth Theiss-Morse, Chair    

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) Advisory Committee

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David Berkowitz Sciences 2017
Ken Bloom Sciences 2016
Kara Brant Social Sciences/Advising 2016
Chad Brassil Sciences 2016
James Garza Humanities 2018
Deb Hope Social Sciences 2016
Thomas Marley Sciences 2017
Mirhuanda Meeks Humanities/Staff 2016
Max Mueller Humanities 2017
Kenneth Price Humanities 2016
Leen-Kiat Soh Sciences 2018
Isabel Velazquez Humanities 2016

Promotion and Tenure Committee

Kenneth Winkle Humanities 2019
David Harwood Sciences 2019
LuAnn Wandsnider Social Sciences 2020
Thomas Lynch Humanities 2020
Marjorie Langell Sciences 2021
Jody Kellas Social Sciences 2021
Priscilla Hayden-Roy    
Elizabeth Theiss-Morse, Chair    

Research Advisory Committee (CASRAC)

Stephen Behrendt Humanities 2019
Dawne Curry Humanities 2019
Matthias Fuchs Sciences 2019
Maital Neta Social Sciences 2019
Ingrid Robyn Humanities 2019
Jeffrey Smith Social Sciences 2019
Barry Cheung Sciences 2020
Sherilyn Fritz Sciences 2020
Carolyn Heitman Social Sciences 2020
George Avalos Sciences 2020
Ingrid Haas Social Sciences 2020
Yaroslav Komarovski Humanities 2020
Kirk Dombrowski, Chair    

Space Committee

Rigo Guevara Humanities 2019
Kirk Dombrowski Social Sciences 2019
David Harwood Sciences 2019
Dodie Eveleth   2019
Al Casullo Humanities 2020
David DiLillo Social Sciences 2020
Mark Brittenham Sciences 2020
John Osterman, Chair    

Student Academic Distinction, Awards, and Appeals Committee

John Brunero Humanities 2019
Karrie Weber Sciences 2019
Matthew Johnson Social Sciences 2020
Alexander Sinitskii Sciences 2021
David Warner Social Sciences 2021
Gina Keplinger Graduate Student 2019
Erin Husmann SAB member  
Joey Grimmond SAB member  
Olivia Miller (nonvoting) Advising Center 2019
June Griffin