Dean's Commendation List

Oldfather Hall on campus
Dean's Commendation List

We recognize students for academic achievement during the fall and spring semesters by placement on our Dean’s Commendation List.

To qualify, students enrolled part-time, by the census date of the grade reports:

  • complete 6-11 credit hours* of course work
  • attain a minimum semester GPA of 3.700

This is not a complete list. Students with restrictions on their records regarding sharing their information outside the university will not appear. Contact the Office of the University Registrar for questions regarding information privacy. Courses must be started and completed in one semester.

* These do not qualify as part of the 6-11 credit hours: pass/no pass credit, transfer hours, or removals of incompletes and grade changes submitted after the census grade reports.

Archived Dean's Commendation Lists

Fall 2023

Mohammed Fahad Saleh Al Wahaibi
Nicole Blackstock
Elise E Chaffin
Jenna Craven
Ross Dobrusky
Jalynn Ellenwood
Zahraa Fanharawi
Danielle Rose Ferrigno
Laura Flores Melo
Hugo Lawrence Hausman
Zach Hickham
Joshua Branson Jacobs
Andy Knopik
Amanda Kay Koeber
Cecily Lawton

Tyson McPhillip
Caroline August Miller
Abbie Nadgwick
McKenna Ann Nemecek
Loc Minh Doan Nguyen
Nick Oleson
Bryan Ottoson
Payton Rezac
Nathan John Ritterling
Chloe Samuelson
Kyra Angeline Scanlon
Madison Schmeeckle
Michael Russ Schmidt
Sabra Cheyenne Schmidt
Katie Schmitz

Megan Lauren Schneider
Tiffany Dahl Schulz
Sam Short
Liliana Noelle Sitorius
James Snyder
Dennis Vladimirovich Startsev
Xiangyuan Su
Khoa Tran
Tanner Nicolas Turgeon
Yuanshu Wang
Chloe Welling
Karli Whitlock
Jenna Roquelle Wolfe
Laura Yeramysheva-Bley