Education Abroad
Education Abroad

Follow your curiosity—around the world.

We believe deeply in the value of expanding your perspective. It not only directly impacts life experience, but it can open up new career opportunities—and new worlds. There’s no better way to expand perspective than to immerse yourself in a foreign country.

Whether you seek adventure, language and cultural immersion, or an international internship, your education abroad experience will help you build confidence and independence, along with memories you’ll carry with you for a lifetime.

Education abroad programs range from a few weeks to a year and may be faculty-led, Nebraska sponsored or otherwise.  The Education Abroad office can help you determine the duration and type of program that fits your goals then help you manage the application, planning and logistics.  Regularly scheduled “Go Sessions” can get you up to speed on earning credit and financing your experience.

Arts and Sciences Destinations and Programs

Dean’s Experiential Learning Scholarship

If you are planning to be involved in study abroad, experience-based field courses, or summer service learning internships1 that are taken for credit2 , you may be eligible to apply for the Dean's Experiential Learning Scholarship. Look under "Optional" on the Scholarships page, linked below.

Find out how to apply

1 Experiential learning activities
2 E.g. advisor approval, signature required, student involvement office.