Email signature generator guidelines

The university has a tool to standardize email signatures from Nebraska faculty and staff.

Follow the instructions on the tool’s page and use the guidelines below for the content in signature. The system populates the fields.

Choose your logo Select 'N-(UNL Icon)' or 'N-Grit/Glory'.
Your name Review - the system pulls from HR.
Job title Review - the system pulls from HR. This is also a place to add Personal Gender Pronouns in parentheses.
Area name Link the name to your area’s website.
College Change the ampersand in ‘Arts & Sciences’ to ‘and’.
University Leave as is.
Location Spell out the name of the building you are in, move the office number to the left, and remove ‘UNL’.
Phone Remove the link to the telephone number and add parenthesis and dash for ease of reading.
Optional Add other contact information.  This is also a place to add Personal Gender Pronouns in parentheses.

sample email signature