Event calendar instructions

As of June 11, 2015.

Event Naming Guidelines

  • Do not use all caps.
  • Use the department name.
  • Use unique, descriptive language so that the event stands out among others. Don't use 'Lecture' for every event title.
  • Use as few words as possible that still make sense. Only a few words show up in the event calendar feeds (the blue boxes) on many websites.

How events look on a web page

Event calendar entry 1 Event calendar entry 2

Post to your calendar

Please check for an existing entry first by using the Search Events box.

An existing event from another calendar

  1. If you are not logged in, click Submit An Event on any Event Calendar and log in.
  2. Confirm that you are in the correct event calendar - the system may send you to your personal event calendar first.
  3. Locate the event with the Search box by clicking the magnifying glass icon above and to the right of the list of events.
  4. Select 'Add to Upcoming' from the 'Select an Action' dropdown menu to the right of the event.

A new event

These instructions apply to any calendar that you have access to. These are in the dropdown menu in the upper-right corner of the screen once you are logged in.

  1. Log in if you aren't already, and confirm that you are on the correct calendar - the system may initially log you into your personal calendar.
  2. Click Submit An Event.
  3. Select the calendar you want from the 'Your Calendars' box on the lower left corner.
  4. Click the red + New Event button at the top left.
  5. At the top right, in the 'Sharing' box, select 'Public' to make this a public event ('Private' is default) and select 'Consider for main UNL calendar' if you want this event to appear on the main UNL calendar.
  6. Complete the fields that have a red asterisk: Title, Location, and Start Date and Time. The others are optional.
  7. Click 'Submit Event'.

Post to the college calendar

The college's event calendar is subscribed to area event calendars, so we receive, review, and post relevant public items from your calendar.

If you are not sure whether we are subscribed to your area's calendar, or if you create a new calendar, please contact Terri Pieper to confirm that the college calendar is subscribed to it.

Please allow 24 hours for the event to be posted.

Create a new Calendar

  1. Go to any Event calendar and log in (by clicking Submit an Event). It will likely take you to your personal calendar to start with, but you can tell which by the name of the calendar just below ‘University of Nebraska-Lincoln’ at the top.
  2. On the left, in the 'Tools' box, click the blue ‘+ New Calendar’ button.
  3. Complete the fields as needed and click the red 'Create Calendar' button. And voila!

Need more help?

General questions
Terri Pieper
terri.pieper@unl.edu or 472-2826

Technical questions and updates for this page
Michael O'Connor