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Enhance your CAS degree and build knowledge, skills, and experience employers and graduate programs value. Participate in study, internship, research, or service learning abroad for a week, month, term, or academic year. With many unique programs in over 70 countries, you can find a great fit for your academic, personal, and professional goals, as well as your budget.

Education Abroad students with faculty in India

CAS Faculty-Led Programs

Travel abroad with a faculty leader and other students. Earn UNL credit or a combination of UNL credit and transfer credit from a partner institution. Some programs are available every year, while others are offered on a rotating basis.

Summer French Program in Angers

  • Angers, France
  • Francois Agena,
    modern languages

Spring Semester in Berlin

  • Berlin, Germany
  • Edward Dawson,
    modern languages

Language and Theater in Berlin

  • Berlin, Germany (summer)
  • Edward Dawson,
    modern languages

Forensic Archaeological Field School

  • Munster, Germany (summer)
  • William Belcher,

Negotiating Peace

  • Ireland, United Kingdom (summer)
  • Emira Ibrahimpasic, Kate Kunzman,
    global studies

Israel Politics and the Arab/Israeli Conflict

  • Israel (summer)
  • Ari Kohen,
    political science, Judaic studies

CAS students may also be welcome to participate in faculty-led programs in other colleges.

CAS Signature Programs

CAS students are encouraged to consider programs with an established relationship with UNL Education Abroad.

  • Recommended based on the range of locations, variety of degree-applicable coursework, reasonable cost, and past student experience
  • Typically semester or academic year in length

Other Programs

There are many other affiliated programs to choose from, as well as the possibility of having non-affiliated programs approved. Talk with the CAS Education Abroad Coordinator about next steps.

Getting Started

Huskers Abroad 101

Register for a quick information session covering how to research, select, and fund an education abroad experience.

CAS Education Abroad Coordinator

Kate Kunzman can help you find a program abroad that best fits your academic, professional, and personal goals.

Academic Advisors

Plan the timing and coursework you’ll pursue with your academic advisor according to your overall degree plan.