map of global engagement
Global Engagement

Our quest for new knowledge takes us around the world and excites others to collaborate with us in Nebraska.

LHC visualization

Holland Computing Center to store data, software for new Large Hadron Collider project

  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • European Council for Nuclear Research (CERN), Geneva, Switzerland
Abla Hasan

'Women in the Qur'an' launches Nebraska's Global Virtual Project

  • Modern Languages and Literatures (Arabic)
  • University of Nizwa in Oman
Jay Storz

High-altitude birds evolve similar traits via different mutations

  • Biological Sciences
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences, Aarhus University in Denmark
Parallel emergence of electron gas and gas of positively charged holes

Physicists observe long-sought nanoscale phenomenon

  • Physics
  • Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea, Pohang University of Science and Technology in South Korea
image of catalysts

Team develops equation for designing clean-energy catalysts

  • Chemistry
  • Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Barn swallows

Wilkins' global trek maps song of the barn swallow

  • Biological Sciences
  • Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University in Turkey, State Darwin Museum in Russia, Babeş-Bolyai University in Romania, Academia Sinica in Taiwan

Fulbright awards

Cultural exchange between the U.S. and other countries

Recent graduates, graduate students and young professionals can conduct research, study or teach in one of 155 countries.

2018: 14 CAS students received awards: Azlin Armstrong, Alexander Claussen, Amzie Dunekacke, Grace Evans, Andrea Hartman, Brooke Hartman, Tristan Hilderbrand, Emma Himes, Meghan Leadabrand, Abigail Miller, Dylan Severino, Samantha Staggs, Eric Wilhelm, and Brianna Zimmerman.

2017: two faculty received awards.

2016: ten students received awards

2015: Julia DeLaRosa, Kelsey Lee, and Courtney Leikam received awards.

Gilman scholarships

Greater cultural awareness for greater leadership

Undergraduate students are awarded up to $5,000 to study or intern abroad. They can gain a better understanding of other cultures, countries, languages, and economies -- preparing them for leadership roles.

2018: 11 students received awards: Ibrahim Alnajem, Ana Carmona Ponce, Andrea Contreras, Aurora Gates, Gaye Gwion, Miranda Kuzela, Mishala Lewis, Angela Nguyen, Alex Richardson, Oman Hayden Richardson, and Autumn Urbigkit

2017: Five students received awards.

Gilman Scholarships
Xin Zhang

Improving solar-cell material

  • Physics
  • King Abdullah University of Technology in Saudi Arabia
hosting African students

Hosting African students

  • 20 students from Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Angola and South Africa
Braithwaite teaching

The Global Classroom

  • Communication Studies
  • Tyumen State University in Russia

Discovering microbes under Antarctic ice

  • Geology
  • University of Venice in Italy, Aberystwyth University in the United Kingdom
Kirk Dombrowski

Preventing HIV spread in Puerto Rico

  • Sociology
  • University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine
Pilar De Zubiaurre

Shedding light on Spanish history and culture

  • Modern Languages and Literatures (Spanish)
  • Museum of Fine Arts in Bilbao, Spain
Trisha Spanbauer

Understanding ecosystem change

  • Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, James Cook University in Australia
Armenian Genocide conference

Hosting the Armenian Genocide Conference

  • History
  • Scholars from Armenia, Cambodia, Canada, Holland, Hungary, and Israel
Rebeca Gonzalez Suarez at Large Hadron Collider

Managing at a particle accelerator

  • Physics
  • Cessy, France
Jay Storz

Furthering evolutionary science

  • Biological sciences
  • Aarhus University in Denmark
Jean Marcel Ngoko Djiokap and Anthony Starace

Forging ahead in attosecond science

  • Physics
  • Aarhus University in Denmark, Voronezh State University in Russia
John DeLong

Measuring global population-energy relationship

  • Biological sciences
  • Kent University in England
Matthias Fuchs

Taking X-rays further

  • Physics
  • Bar-Ilan University in Israel
Evgeny Tsymbal and Tula Paudel

Improving information technology materials

  • Physics
  • University of Twente in the Netherlands, National University in Singapore, Trinity College in Ireland
Research team

Finding new materials for nanotechnology devices

  • Physics
  • Korea Institute of Materials Science in South Korea, Pohang University of Science and Technology in South Korea