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Hire Our Students

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Interested in benefiting from CAS student talent, but not sure how to get started?

Our students are equipped with essential skills such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity that allow them to excel in a variety of roles and add value to any workplace. The broad, well-rounded nature of their education helps them remain flexible and adaptable and thrive in a constantly changing world. Their natural curiosity drives them to be life-long learners eager to solve complex, real-world problems and do meaningful work that makes a difference.

Grow relationships in CAS

Academic advisors, assigned to students by major, are dedicated to their academic, personal, and professional success. This includes connecting students to opportunities to gain relevant experience through jobs and internships. If you are looking to engage with students in a particular major, we can connect you with an academic advisor to help with promoting opportunities at your organization.

Faculty within the college serve as great mentors for students. If you are looking to build connections with faculty in a particular major or inquire about a classroom presentation, we can introduce you to get the conversation started.

Participate in programs and events

Our Career Coach provides a variety of career education programs exclusively for our students and partner with colleagues across campus on initiatives to help support the student population at-large and facilitate connections with employers.


Career exploration programs
Small, informal programs tailored to students with interests in a broad area of work (e.g., science, nonprofit), designed to help them explore options and connect with employers.


Office hours/informational sessions
Opportunities for employers to visit campus and connect directly with students 1-on-1, or in a large group


Career fairs
A large-scale, campus-wide event over several days, designed to encourage brand awareness, networking, and future opportunities for jobs and internships.


Site visits/tours
Opportunities for students and relevant faculty/staff to visit an employer to learn more about their organization.

Get opportunities in front of great candidates

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Check out Handshake, the online platform we utilize for students seeking part-time, internship, and full-time opportunities.

Additional Options


Email communication
Announce your position through direct email communication from our career coaches and academic advisors.


Social media and signage
Use our social media channels and print and digital signage across all of our buildings.


Meet students directly
Participate in relevant programs, events, and classes and establish an ongoing identity and presence.

Need guidance on developing job descriptions that speak to our students? We can help.

Find the right fit in your organization

We'll help you identify roles and projects within your organization where our students can contribute to your goals while developing their own skills and experience.

Your Experts

Our Career Coaches help students explore career options, identify ways to build experience, and prepare to apply for internships and jobs.

They can arrange a conversation about your organization's needs and how CAS can help.

Our Partner

You can recruit specialized talent to meet your needs by utilizing simple, campus-wide resources provided by the University Career Services (UCS) office. We partner closely with their knowledgeable and helpful team.

Coordinating the collaborative network of career efforts across campus, UCS administers the Handshake recruiting platform and offers career fairs and other events that draw students across majors.