Major Advisors

Every major and minor in the College has a content expert, the major advisor.  In larger departments, that person is also the primary, assigned advisor to students.  In smaller departments, the primary assigned advisor is the Advising Center and works closely with a faculty major advisor listed below.

Major Advisors

Actuarial Science Sue Vagts
Anthropology Martha McCollough, PhD
Biochemistry Erin Sayer, PhD
Biological Sciences Wendy O’Connor
Deanne Flessner
Chemistry Marjorie Langell, PhD
Classical Languages Robert Gorman, PhD
Classics and Religious Studies Matthew Loar, PhD (Classics)
Max Mueller, PhD
(Religious Studies)
Communication Studies Katherine Castle, PhD
Computer Science Charles Riedesel, PhD
Ann Koopmann, PhD
Economics Christopher Mann
English Kelly Payne, MA
Environmental Studies Christine Haney
Ethnic Studies Thomas Gannon, PhD
Film Studies Kelly Payne, MA
French Jordan Stump, PhD
Geography Rebecca Buller, PhD
Geology David Watkins, PhD
German Christina Brantner, PhD
Global Studies Emira Ibrahimpasic, PhD
History Ann Tschetter, PhD
Latin American Studies Thomas Gannon, PhD
Mathematics Petronela Radu, PhD
Medieval and Renaissance Studies Kelly Stage, PhD
Meteorology-Climatology Dawn Kopacz, PhD
Microbiology Brandi Sigmon, PhD
Philosophy Aaron Bronfman, PhD
Harry Ide, PhD
Physics Ken Bloom, PhD
Plant Biology Donald Lee, PhD
Political Science Kara Brant
Psychology Joanna Seley
Marybeth Helmink
Alexis Lehman
Russian Radha Balasubramanian, PhD
Sociology Kara Brant
Spanish Lola Lorenzo, PhD
Undeclared Tony Lazarowicz, PhD
Women’s and Gender Studies Rose Holz, PhD

Minor Only Advisors

Aerospace Studies Christopher Bohn
African Studies Thomas Gannon, PhD
African American Studies Thomas Gannon, PhD
Arabic Abla Hasan
Archaeology Michael Hoff, PhD
Asian Studies Advising Center
Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Charles Riedesel, PhD
Conflict and Conflict Resolution Fran Kaye, PhD
Czech Hana Waisserova, PhD
Digital Humanities Andrew Jewell, PhD
Elizabeth Lorang, PhD
Great Plains Studies Charles Braithwaite, PhD
Greek Robert Gorman, PhD
Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs Courtney Hillebrecht, PhD
Humanities in Medicine Rose Holz, PhD
Informatics Matthew Waite
Japanese Ikuho Amano, PhD
Jewish Studies Jean Cahan, PhD
Latin Robert Gorman, PhD
LGBTQ / Sexuality Studies Rose Holz, PhD
Native American Studies Thomas Gannon, PhD
National Security Studies Tyler White, PhD
Software Development Charles Riedesel, PhD
Statistics Erin Blakenship, PhD

Advising Contacts in Other Colleges

232 Architecture Hall (0232)
(402) 472-4065

Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
103 Agricultural Hall (EC) (0700)
(402) 472-2201

125 Hawks Hall CoB (0405)
(402) 472-2310

Education and Human Sciences
105 Henzlik Hall (0371)
(402) 472-8625

W204 Nebraska Hall (0642)
(402) 472-3181

Exploratory and Pre-Professional Advising Center (Explore Center)
127 Love South (4108)
(402) 472-3605

Fine and Performing Arts
102 Woods Art Bldg (0144)
(402) 472-9339

Journalism and Mass Communications
141 Andersen Hall (0443)
(402) 472-3041

Public Affairs and Community Service
310 Nebraska Hall (0561)
(402) 472-6759