Oldfather Business Cooperative

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Oldfather Business Cooperative

We provide specialized business services in financial and human resource management.

Our Mission: Setting the Standard for Exceptional Business Practices

We provide complete business support to:

  • Department of English
  • Department of History
  • Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Department of Political Science
  • Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs
  • Humanities in Medicine
  • Medieval and Renaissance Studies
  • School of Global Integrative Studies: Anthropology, Geography, and Global Studies

We provide grant/research/affiliate fund support to:

  • Antarctic Geologic Drilling (ANDRILL)
  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of Sociology
  • Rural Drug Addiction Research (RDAR) Center

Meet the OBC Team

Shelly Sorensen

Business Manager II
(402) 472-7999, Box #5
1213D Oldfather Hall, CC 0310

  • Provides overall guidance to OBC staff in fiscal management, human resources and grants/contract administration.
  • Provides guidance to unit administrators, faculty and staff in fiscal management/budgeting.
  • Liaison to CAS Dean’s Office, Executive Vice Chancellor’s Office, Office of Research & Economic Development, Business & Finance Shared Services, and all other UNL functional offices in the management of fiscal & human resources issues.

Carolyn Kollmann

HR Specialist Lead
(402) 472-7999, Box #2
1213E Oldfather Hall, CC 0310

  • Provides services for hiring: staff, faculty and students
  • Manages HR issues related to staff, faculty and students
  • Provides services in creating job descriptions and requisitions
  • Assists with visa residency applications
  • Manages bi-weekly and monthly payroll

Sara Mattson

Business Manager I
(402) 472-7999, Box #4
1213B Oldfather Hall, CC 0310

  • Pre-Award grant development including proposal budget and justifications, NUGrant assistance, grant portal upload and completion.
  • Responsible for Personnel Activity Reports.
  • Provides fiscal coordination and management for grant cost objects
  • Annual review and submission of service center rates
  • Financial reviewer and approver for certain projects
  • Post award budget planning and tracking
  • Provides support to departments for all foundation accounts from reconciling, budgeting, transfers, etc.
  • SAP index reporting

Vanja Bilinac

Finance Specialist
(402) 472-7999, Box #1
1213A Oldfather Hall, CC 0310

  • Reconcile and monitor state/revolving costcenter/costobjects
  • Provides all facets of purchasing support via eShop or PCard
  • Assist with travel arrangements, CONCUR financial reviewer and approver
  • Book travel and accommodations for visiting scholars and process stipend payments
  • Manages Telecom activity, including activation/deactivating data ports and telephone lines
  • Key manager back-up
  • Oversees project management and renovations
  • CONCUR training coordinator

Brenda West

Finance Coordinator
(402) 472-9304
1213C Oldfather Hall

Maggie Huynh

Finance Coordinator
(402) 472-7798
1213F Oldfather Hall

Kirsten Licht

Payroll Associate
(402) 472-7999, Box #3
1213 Oldfather Hall