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Ovation awards—a monthly award for student workers—will be given every month during the fall and spring semesters, four times each semester.

In addition to the attention the awardees deserve from all of us, Ovation awardees will receive $50, a workplace reception, and publication on the college website.

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2019-20 awardees

Sammie Funk
Communication Studies
Sept. 2019

Ben Steffensmeier
Oct. 2019

Griselda Aragon
Communication Studies
Nov. 2019

Alberto Gomis
Bureau of Sociological Research
Dec. 2019


Every currently enrolled undergraduate student currently employed in the College of Arts and Sciences is eligible to receive an Ovation award.

Nominations may be made by any faculty or staff member of the college. Many nominations may be made for the same individual. Nominations will expire at the end of the academic year, upon selection of the student employee for an award, or upon termination of the student’s employment in the college.

A candidate may be selected more than once, although not as a result of the same nomination(s).

Selection Committee

Members of the selection committee will not be published and will consist of a faculty member and a staff member from the college.