Reappointment Cycle for Tenure Line Faculty

October 2023

Assumes a six-year tenure clock. Tenure extensions or an offer that involves credit towards tenure will alter the timeline of reappointments.

Arrival Offers with an August start date for the tenure-track position include two-year appointment (e.g., August 2024 to May 2026). Faculty members who begin a tenure-track appointment in January receive a 1.5-year appointment (e.g., January 2025 to May 2026).
Year 1 No reappointment required unless requested by appointing unit.
Year 2 Reappointment review required in early Fall.


  • Two-year reappointment through May of Year 4 (most common).
  • One year reappointment through May of Year 3 (extremely rare).
  • No reappointment; leave at end of Year 3 (extremely rare).
Year 3 Typically reappointed through Year 5 based upon an administrative request. An evaluation, if requested by the appointing unit, will take place in Fall semester.
Year 4 Reappointment review required during Fall semester. Identical to evaluation for promotion and/or tenure except that there are no external reviews.


  • Two-year reappointment through the end of year 7 (most common).
  • One year reappointment through end of year 6, requiring another evaluation in year 5 (unusual).
  • No reappointment: leave at end of year 5 (rare).
Year 5 Evaluation required only if requested by appointing unit or if Year 4 reappointment was for one year.
Year 6 Tenure review required in Fall semester.


  • If successful, continuous appointment (tenure).
  • If unsuccessful, terminal appointment through May of Year 7.