Search and Hiring


I. Authorization

  • Requests for authorization of new positions made in late spring in response to a memo from the Dean's Office or as part of the update to the strategic plan.
  • Dean's Office assigns hire number, notifies departments of authorizations in the spring or summer.
  • If a search is approved, Department (together with other units if a joint appointment) submits Position Requisition through People Admin.
  • After approval by Dean, the requisition is submitted to the SVCAA for approval. The office of the SVCAA will forward them to the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance.
  • When approved, Institutional Equity and Compliance will send a packet of recruitment materials.

II. Search

  • Appointment of search committee.
    a. Chair appoints for faculty searches, Dean for Chair searches
    b. Once identified, search committee members are entered into People Admin.
    c. Members must be certified by Institutional Equity and Compliance. Certification requires attendance at an Institutional Equity and Compliance briefing or update briefing every two years.
    d. Must include a woman and/or minority person if possible. Committee should show ethnic and gender diversity appropriate to the position.
    e. Consideration should be given to including one or more representatives of the students, other related units or a person from outside the university on the committee.
    f. For joint appointments, all participating units must be represented and agree on committee membership.
  • Advertising.
    a. Final advertisement should be drawn up by search committee. It should clearly state the rank, length of appointment, whether tenure is a possibility, teaching and research expectations, and requisite experience and credentials. The deadline for applications should be at least 30 days after the advertisement is expected to reach prospective candidates.
    b. Final advertisement should be forwarded to Equity Access & Diversity which places the ad with a copy to the Dean’s Office.
    c. Advertising should be placed widely enough and in such publications that anyone in the field who is interested in the position is likely to see it.
    d. Advertising should be placed in publications which are intended for minority and female members of the profession.
  • Building a good pool of applicants.
    a. The search committee and others in the department should use their personal contacts to make the position widely known and encourage applications.
    b. Notices of the job should be sent to any female or minority members of the profession who can be identified from personal contacts or listings of recent women and minority doctorates.
  • Selection of a short list.
    a. The search committee screens the applicant pool and develops a preliminary short list.
    b. References are checked.
    c. The search committee provides the Chair with an unranked short list.
    d. Candidates for interview are selected using procedures described in departmental by-laws or, if not described there, by departmental practice.

III. Interviewing

  • The Department Chair sends the short list to the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance for certification. Equity Access & Diversity may request reasons for non-selection of some candidates.
  • After Institutional Equity and Compliance approval, the Chair brings the short list and files to the Associate Dean for faculty for approval. The Chair must also bring the files of any candidates about whom Institutional Equity and Compliance inquired.
  • After the Associate Dean has signed the Interview Authorization form
    campus interviews are arranged.
    a. Dean's Office prepares and transfers commitment for a portion of recruiting expenses.
    b. Candidates who will not be offered tenure must be interviewed by an Associate Dean during their campus visit.
    c. Candidates who may be offered tenure must be interviewed by the Dean, the College Promotion and Tenure Committee and someone designated by the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. The College Promotion and Tenure Committee should be invited to the colloquium given by the candidate and a sample of the candidate's work should be provided to the Dean's Office. The sample might be the candidate's most important publication.
    d. Candidates for joint appointments must meet faculty from both units. The draft MOU should be discussed with the candidate.

IV. Making an Offer

  • The department selects the top candidate from among those interviewed following departmental bylaws and practice.
  • If an offer with tenure is contemplated, a final screening is made in accordance with Chancellor Perlman's memorandum of January 22, 2001. (A WESTLAW search should also be performed if the candidate is for a tenured position.)
  • The Chair and the Dean (represented by the Associate Dean for Faculty) agree on conditions of an offer-particularly salary, rank and startup.
  • The Chair drafts a letter of offer.
    a. The letter must conform closely to the appropriate template.
    b. An MOU outlining the division of duties must accompany letters
    for joint positions. This MOU will be sent to the candidate for consideration along with the letter.
    c. The terms of the letter of offer may be shared with the candidate provided it is clear that they are not final until they receive administrative approval.
  • The letter of offer is brought to the Associate Dean for Faculty for his/her review and review by Business and Operations Coordinator. This review is to ensure that the letter is correct as to form and adheres to the agreed upon conditions.
  • Dean signs letter and if it is for a tenure track position forwards it to the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.
  • After all the necessary signatures are obtained, the letter is returned to the department which sends it to the candidate. If the appointment is to be joint between two or more units, the MOU must be included with the letter.

V. Completing the Hire

  • Department provides a copy of the signed offer letter to the Dean as soon as received back from the candidate, retaining the original for Department's files.
  • Final salary and startup expenses are entered into the accounting system.
  • When the new faculty member arrives the tenure date MOU is completed.