Server space usage policy

The College of Arts and Sciences has taken an initiative to meet the growing demand of server space and provide a robust back-up for all departments under the college by purchasing a file server with 30 TB of server space.

This policy is designed to provide details about the server space allocated to each department, the services that will be offered along with the server space and details for departments to purchase additional server space for departmental research activities or other data storage activities.


Storage Space Allocation

Each department of the College of Arts and Sciences will be allotted a maximum of 550 Gigs for their departmental users at no charge.

If a department needs more space than the allocated free amount, the cost will be as follows:

SpaceMonthly costYearly cost
550 Gigs $0 $0
1 GB $0.03  per gig $0.33 per gig
1 TB (1024 Gigs) $20 per TB $240 per TB

Additional gigs will be provided in counts of 50.

Alerts will be sent to departments who are close to exceeding their server space quota. If a department exceeds their server space quota, they will be unable to save files until sufficient allocated space is freed in order to accommodate them.

If a department needs support in freeing storage space, he or she may contact Tim Ferguson, Network Manager at


Virtual machine cost

For $104, you get 1 core CPU, 2 GB RAM, 50 GB of storage, and tech support.

The virtual machine can be configured according to the user's request.


Back-up services

The college will be taking steps to retain and maintain back-ups as necessary. The current schedule is as follows:

  • Hourly backups are done and retained for 3 days
  • Daily backups are done and retained for 1 week
  • Weekly backups are done and retained for 1 month
  • Monthly backups are done and retained for 3 months

The back-up schedule is flexible and can be made robust as per departmental needs.


Tips for conserving storage space

It is the responsibility of every department to ensure that they use their server storage space allocation wisely. Departments can assure they stay within their space quotas by identifying, removing and/or archiving items that are:

  • Outdated, such as preliminary draft versions of current documents
  • Out-of-use or orphaned files
  • Duplicated files
  • Non-business related or non-critical files

IT Department Contact

If you have any questions regarding this policy, need a larger server storage space allocation, or require support in managing your space allocation, please contact:

Tim Ferguson, Network Manager, College of Arts and Sciences
(402) 472-7346

Drashti Bhatt, Director, IT/Data Analytics and Application Development, College of Arts and Sciences
(402) 472-7327