Staff Council

Staff Council 2019

We are a cross section of the staff, representing Business Support, Lab Support, Office Support, Technical Support, and Advising/Outreach.

  • We solicit and discuss concerns and ideas from staff and raise them to the dean as needed
  • We promote and create opportunities for professional development, networking, and recognition
  • We act as a sounding board for the dean when deciding college policies and procedures

Upcoming Events

CAS Connections Spring 2022

CAS Connections Spring 2022


  • Lindsay Augustyn (chair)
    Assistant Director and Communications Coordinator
    Center for Science, Mathematics and Computer Education
  • Devan Crawford
    Director of Research Strategy
    Rural Drug Addiction Research Center
  • Kaitlin Ferris
    Academic Advisor
    Academic and Career Advising Center
  • Rhonda Griess
    Microbiology Teaching Lab Manager
    School of Biological Sciences
  • Mirhuanda Meeks
    Administrative Assistant
    Department of English
  • Pamela Waldvogel
    Office Associate
    Department of Psychology
  • Lindsey Witt-Swanson
    Associate Director
    Bureau of Sociological Research


The following people have volunteered to serve as resources in the listed areas.

We began identifying networking connections and areas of expertise among staff in the college at the Fall 2019 CAS Connections event. Please contact Staff Council if there is an additional area not shown here that you need assistance with or if you are interested in being listed as a resource.

Jamie Aldag
Lindsay Augustyn
Center for Science, Mathematics and Computer Education
Design, copyediting (AP and APA), conference schedules, and program design
Stacey Bonham
School of Biological Sciences
Event Planning and Microsoft Office products
Megan Brown
Editing, academic support, and graduate programs
Brenda Ensor
Dean's Office
Time entry
Dodie Eveleth
HR, payroll and ISSO
Kaitlin Ferris
Advising, student resources, and degree requirements
Christina Fielder
Dean's Office
Advising, career development, and student concerns
Sarah Fredregill
School of Biological Sciences
Kelcey Gabriel
Physics and Astronomy
Spatial configuration, catering recommendations, and invitation design
Alycia Harden
Dean's Office
Jaime Long
Oldfather Business Cooperative
Katie Nieland
Center for Great Plains Studies
Design, Illustration, Hand-lettering, Typography
Nia Patterson
School of Biological Sciences
Academic Planning and Event Coordination
Andrea Peterson
Academic Support: Mail merges, events, organizational skills
Lori Ratzlaff
Academic Support, CLSS, Payroll, HR, and Budgets
Cassandra Roberts
Center on Children, Families, and the Law
Travel, Procurement and Conference Planning
Linda Trouba
School of Biological Sciences
Stephanie Vendetti
Center for Science, Mathematics and Computer Education
Youth Activity Safety Policy and Event Planning
Pam Waldvogel
Procurement and Travel

Virtual Training Company (VTC)
Video-based training for software. Login available on under Organizations, VTC.

UNL Training
Classroom-based training for software.

UNL Content Management System (CMS) Guide

Kawasaki Reading Room
A room of books, magazine, newspapers, and videos related to Japanese culture in the Gaughan Multicultural Center.

What does Staff Council do?

Employee Perks

Survey Results

Staff Development Program
Funding for professional development.

Rules of Order
Describes the organization and function of Staff Council.


Create and maintain communications for promoting events and gathering feedback from CAS staff.

Professional Development
Create and plan opportunities for staff to network, attend professional development events, and build a stronger CAS community.

Staff Recognition
Promote the importance of and advocate for CAS staff recognition.