Startup extensions

Requests for Extension of Faculty Start-up Funding Period

Startup funds are designed to help new faculty establish their research programs. The College of Arts and Sciences expects that faculty will work aggressively toward establishing a strong base of external financial support for their research activities. 

The college expects that after three years faculty will have established a funded research program.  There are circumstances, however, where it may be necessary to extend the term of access to start-up funds.  In exceptional circumstances and in consultation with the chair and the Dean’s Office, a portion of these startup funds may be carried over into the fourth and, in very rare cases, the fifth year.  Generally speaking, extensions are discouraged.

If a faculty member anticipates not being able to spend start-up funds within the agreed upon timeline, the first step is to discuss the situation with the department chair and, if at all possible, identify alternate approaches to utilizing the start-up funds in a timely manner. 

After this discussion and in rare cases, faculty members may, with their chair’s endorsement, request a start-up extension from the Dean’s Office.  The Dean’s Office will assess the situation and, at its discretion, may approve start-up extensions beyond the original expiration date.  Such approval is not automatic and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis taking into account the faculty member’s research performance to date, the justification for the request, the rate at which funds have been spent to date, and the faculty member’s intended use of the funds.

Request Process

Please complete the Start-up Extension Request Form and submit it electronically (via email attachment) to the Associate Dean for Research.  The request must include a letter from the department head summarizing and endorsing the rationale for the extension request. Requests must be made no later than three months prior to the expiration of the startup.

The startup extension form captures the entire startup package, regardless of fund source and contributor, as the standard faculty offer letters specify a 3-year term for all startup funds. Each contribution to the startup package should be spent accordingly, as opposed to using ORED and college funds first and then potentially not having to use departmental funding at all if the startup term is complete.  If there is any balance remaining at the end of the term, the college asks for a reconciliation of all the expenses so that unused funds can be returned proportionately to the contributors, regardless of how the department has spent the funds.

Procedure for Approval

  • The Dean’s Office will review the request and may contact the faculty member and/or department head for additional information.
  • Faculty members and department heads will be notified of the dean’s decision within one month of submission, and Dean’s Office financial staff and appropriate departmental administrative staff will be included in the notification string.

Startup Extension Request Form