Alumni Enews Summer 2020

Oldfather Hall

“Extra Space, Every Place” is part of the university's social norming campaign.

Alumni Enews, Late Summer 2020

Forward to Fall in CAS

It's great to have students, faculty, staff, and visitors back on campus.

Avery Hall classroom
Avery Hall classroom

The dedicated faculty and staff of the college have been busy over the summer taking new and unprecedented steps to help keep everyone safe and healthy while advancing our college's core commitment to excellence in undergraduate and graduate education across all of the sciences, social sciences, and humanities.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has created some disruptions to the ways in which we must conduct our day-to-day operations this fall, our passion for scientific discovery and creative activity remains undiminished. Through imagination, innovation, and collaboration we will transform lives and improve our world – that is the guiding vision of “CAS 2025 and Beyond.”

Chad Brassil
Chad Brassil

The college's Teaching Academy Fellows have led the way by adapting early with planning and hosting opportunities for instructors to be at the top of their game.

Instructors have taken the opportunity to use their time, expertise, and technology to adapt courses—such as biologist Chad Brassil's use of learning glass and a smartphone to adapt Life Sciences 121 and geologist Cara Burberry's use of Sketchfab to adapt her Geology 101 course.

In a message to students, Dean Button said: "I am confident that we will come out of this period proud of what we have achieved together and equally proud of the manner in which we have conducted ourselves in the face of these challenges."

Now more than ever, we must show through our daily actions that “every person and every interaction matters”—that's the Nebraska way.



Emergency student support for overcoming obstacles to graduation

Recognizing that every student in the college has unique circumstances guiding and contributing to their educational experience, the UNL College of Arts and Sciences Cares Fund has been established to help those students through challenges that might inhibit their ability to complete their education.

After robust discussion about increasing retention and graduation rates for students, Dean Button and the Alumni Advisory Council began development of this fund in fall of 2019. Then COVID-19 changed everything the next spring, exacerbating the student need and fueling the development process.

The fund is now available to help students make it to the graduation finish line.

As of August 14, 2020, over $80,000 in support has come from a number of friends:

  • Dr. Rodney and Mrs. Deborah Basler
  • Lt. Col. and Mrs. Joseph R. Bouley
  • Tim and Claudia Divis
  • George and Jacqueline Hinman
  • Dan and Linda Hoyt
  • Vance and Catherine Kramer
  • Chris Vogt and Julie Larsen
  • Dr. William J. and Mrs. Doris J. Lewis
  • James and Gail Linderholm
  • Mary McClymont
  • Dr. Robert H. Porter and Dr. Therese J. McGuire
  • Constance Sadler and G. Paul Moates
  • Scott Whiteford
  • Don and Jean Winslow

We want to thank everyone who has made a difference with their contributions! Visit the CAS Cares web page to learn more about the fund or donate—and watch for future stories about students impacted.

Alumni stories

Haley Martinez

Haley Martinez

BA: History with Ethnic Studies and Native American Studies minors
Masters: Interdisciplinary Studies – American Indian Studies program
Graduation year: BA, 2008; MA, 2012
Occupation: Assistant Director of Operations, Big Brothers Big Sisters Lincoln

Andrew Abraham

Andrew Abraham

BA: Communication Studies (and Journalism)
Graduation year: 2009
Occupation: Senior Marketing Manager, Hudl