Brigid Toomey

Brigid Toomey


Biological Sciences



Charlotte, NC

Favorite and/or most impactful course

During my first semester, I took BIOS 136, which was a hands-on research based course in which I actually isolated and characterized an unknown bacteriophage in a small lab group. This was my first experience in a lab environment where I had an extensive role in critical thinking and decision making. It made me fall in love with research and decide to pursue a career in pharmaceutical sciences where I can do research in medicine, so this class has definitely left a major impact on me. 

So far, my favorite course in college is my Honor's freshman seminar. My UHON 189H section was titled Creativity and Citizenship with Dr. Behrendt as our professor. This course was fully discussion based as my peers and I looked at a collection of articles and attempted to define "Creativity" and "Citizenship." Somehow, we talked about these two words for a full semester, but never got bored. The course provided me with the largest sense of community that I've ever felt and I truly enjoyed my time in the classroom.

Other involvement

On campus I am a member of the Big Red Ski and Snowboard Club.

Why you chose Nebraska

I chose UNL for what I saw as a balanced and enjoyable college experience. To me, this includes competitive academics, Big10 athletics, financial aid, engaging campus life, extensive opportunities for research and connections in the medical field through UNMC. UNL was the total package for me and I truly feel like I belong here.

Student Ambassadors group

Student Ambassadors are undergraduate students who talk to prospective students, parents, alumni, and the general public about the college.