CASTech Team

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CASTech Team

Meet the CASTech Team

  • Angie Martinez, Computer Specialist for Andrews Hall and Nebraska Hall
  • Brad Nauman, Computer Specialist for Avery Hall
  • Bryan Miller, CAS Technical Support Manager
  • Drashti Bhatt, IT/Data Services Manager
  • Joe Hudson, Computer Technician for Bessey Hall and Burnett Hall
  • Matt Kilbride, Computer Specialist for Oldfather Hall
  • Melody Scholl-Miller, Computer Specialist for Burnett Hall
  • Nan Cai, Computer Systems Specialist
  • Tim Ferguson, CAS Network Manager

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Need Assistance?

You can also go to and enter your UNL email address, full name, department, and enter the text shown in the image to request assistance. The more detail you send us, the better prepared we will be to assist you.

The Tech assigned to your building will be notified instantly via our online ticketing system.

Services provided

  • IT/Data Services
  • Network Services
  • Computer Services
  • Internet connectivity
  • Purchasing Computer Software/Hardware
  • Computer Software/Hardware issues
  • Data Storage options/recommendations

Data Services

What data should you be backing up?

Backup the files, photos, videos, or other digital information stored on your computer device. Any important data should exist in two or more locations.


Do you have suggestions for the CAS tech support team? We are ready to listen!

Please e-mail Drashti Bhatt –

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