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Internships are short-term, structured, entry-level professional opportunities that connect your academic preparation with practical work experience. Interns work on meaningful projects, receive supervision and mentorship, and develop skills necessary for a specific employer, industry, or job function.

It can be a great way for both the intern and employer to try one another out, possibly leading to a full-time opportunity after graduation. Internships can be paid or unpaid, may include academic credit, and could occur part-time alongside traditional coursework or full-time, perhaps in the summer.

Internships will help you become more competitive for after-graduation employment or graduate/professional school programs, especially if you plan to work directly after graduating—most employers expect internship or relevant work experience.

 Whether paid or unpaid, internship experience is incredibly valuable—and an internship that is unpaid is not a reflection on the importance of your work.

Timing and Location

Deciding when and where to participate in an internship may depend on your overall degree plan, the type of opportunity you are interested in for your career goals, and other demands upon your time.


There are a wide variety of possibilities here in Lincoln or nearby in Omaha, including government, retail, technology, and non-profit organizations.


Heading home for the summer? Ask your friends and family about their networks and ideas for possibilities, then begin following up early in the spring.


Since the pandemic began, many organizations in the United States and abroad have been offering remote internships. Gain professional experience without the cost of travel and short-term housing.


Have an employer or type of organization in mind that will take you to a new location like Washington D.C, Chicago, or New York? Consider living arrangements, travel costs, and other logistics. Some organizations may assist with the details or costs. Connecting with alumni in the area may also help you decide. If cost of living is a barrier to participating, apply for a CAS Internship Scholarship.


You can add value to an Education Abroad experience with an internship. Education Abroad partners help identify and arrange opportunities and possible academic credit. They may be unpaid and include costs. You can apply for the many scholarship options available.

Academic Credit

The value of an internship course comes from planning, documenting and reflecting upon your internship and how it relates to your academic work and future career goals.

Should you enroll in academic credit related to your internship? Talk with your academic advisor or a career coach to decide.

  • Does your internship employer require you to be enrolled in academic credit? If so, will a 0-credit course meet their expectations?
  • How does internship credit apply to your degree, specifically to your major or minor? Is it required? Applicable?
  • Are you able to stay enrolled full-time and create space for the internship opportunity alongside other academic, work, and family demands?

CAS offers two internship courses led by our Career Coaches. To learn more or seek permission to enroll, email

  • CASC 395: Internship | 3 or 6 credits
    Enroll in this course if the credit hours would be beneficial.
  • CASC 95: Internship | 0 credit
    Avoid the cost of tuition and still benefit from planning, documenting, and reflecting upon it.

Your major department may also offer an internship course.

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Getting Started

CAS Career Coaches

Career coaches will help you identify and prepare to apply for internships.

Academic Advisors

Visit with your academic advisor and check their weekly emails for internship opportunities.


Use the university's job platform to browse opportunities and set up alerts and custom searches.


Establish a professional profile, search for internships, follow organizations, and connect with alumni and recruiters on the social platform.