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CAS academic advisors and career coaches are available for 45-minute meetings both in person and via Zoom. When scheduling your appointment on Student Success Hub, select the location that best fits your need.

We look forward to connecting with you, sharing information, and helping you identify next steps for success! If you need help, contact us at or (402) 472-4190.

Career development starts today

A CAS degree opens up countless career options. Strong careers evolve over time, and the range of career fields changes almost daily. It is impossible to predict where your path will lead, so let your curiosity move you. CAS students become excellent communicators, critical thinkers, problem solvers, and collaborators—adaptable and continually learning.

To plan for your academic, personal, and professional success, you will collaborate with academic advisors and career coaches. After discovering your interests, abilities, and values, we'll connect your academics to experiences such as internships, research, education abroad, leadership, and service. Your CAS degree will make you not just career ready, but life ready.

Location and contact information
Academic and Career Advising Center
107 Oldfather Hall
(402) 472-4190

Scheduled appointments
8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. weekdays
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Drop-in sessions
12:00 – 2:00 p.m. Wednesdays
107 Oldfather Hall or Zoom

Trina Cress, Allison Docter, Sai Sato Mumm, and Meagan Savage

Trina Cress, Allison Docter, Sai Sato Mumm, and Meagan Savage

Get to know the career coaches

Trina, Allison, Sai, and Meagan can help you explore career options, identify ways to build experience, and prepare to apply for internships, jobs, or graduate school, including help with resumes, applications, and interviewing.

They are located in 107 Oldfather Hall, the Academic and Career Advising Center for the college.

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You can expect a career coach to

  • Create a friendly and supportive environment and ask questions about what you like, what you’re good at, and what’s important to you.
  • Introduce and demonstrate different tools and resources to assist you in your career development process.
  • Collaborate with you to identify your next steps--there is always a next step.
  • Help you gain comfort and confidence in connecting your academics and experiences with specific opportunities.

Your career coach will expect you to

  • Learn about your interests, skills, and values related to career paths.
  • Identify and pursue meaningful academic and experiential opportunities to further develop your skills and knowledge.
  • Follow up on next steps as identified and discussed in your meetings.
  • Speak and write about how the knowledge and skills gained through your academics and experiences connect to your career plans.

Your CAS degree prepares you for a wide range of opportunities after graduation when you pair academic success with real-world experience.

Get started with our 4-year Success Plan!

Academics + Experiences = Opportunities

Identify and use your experts

There are many people and resources available to help you launch your career.  The career coaches work closely with these partners, and you should too!

Faculty and academic advisors

Experts in the departments of your major and minor. Get advice on courses, research opportunities, student organizations and honoraries, internships, graduate school, and more.

Major advisors

University Career Services

Career advisors, programs, career fairs, and resources help you identify your interests and prepare for the job or internship search.  Activate your Handshake account to connect to employers with hundreds of jobs and internships.

University Career Services

Explore Center (Pre-Health and Pre-Law)

Advisors who are your experts on what it takes to prepare, apply, and get accepted.

Explore Center

Build experience—your way

Depending on your majors and minors, as well as your interests and goals, certain kinds of experience may be critical. Plan to pursue at least two of these opportunities—hopefully more!


Get valuable experience, build skills, and try out an employer or position.  Many internships lead to permanent jobs!


Work in a lab, partner with a faculty member, or propose your own research through UCARE.

Education Abroad

Education Abroad
Sharpen language skills, gain independence, and develop a global perspective, while earning credit with Education Abroad.


Join at least two student organizations each term. Network with others and work toward a leadership position.


Get involved in a one-time or long-term service opportunity. Engage with the community and contribute your time and talents.


Career Coaching Newsletter

Handshake postings, employer and alumni spotlights, events, articles, and more.

Enroll in CASC 200: Career Development for Arts and Sciences

Taught online each fall and spring by the career coaches, this elective, 1 credit-hour course can help you move forward on your career path.

Students in a classroom

Prepare for life after graduation

While it’s best to start early thinking about and planning for your next steps after graduation, it’s never too late to identify next steps to move forward.  Meet with a Career Coach right away. 

In addition, here are some helpful guides from University Career Services related to the job search and graduate school.

Where can an Arts and Sciences degree take you?

Our alumni are in a wide range of careers spanning the globe.

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