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Explore career options, identify ways to build experience, and prepare to apply for internships, jobs, or graduate school, including help with resumes, applications, and interviewing. CAS Career Coaches support your career development, no matter where you are or where you're going!

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Take Ownership of Your Career Preparation

Whether you are exploring majors and careers, searching for relevant experience, or preparing to launch your career, we are excited to partner with you! Here are just some of the resources available to you.

Take a Career Development Course

CAS Career Coaches teach CASC 200: Career Development for Arts and Sciences, an elective, 1 credit-hour course. Gain practical skills in career exploration, resume writing, professional communication, and more. Enroll through MyRED.

Access the Job Search and Graduate School Guides

Create your resume, write a cover letter, start a personal statement, interview, and more with the university's Job Search Guide and Pursuing Graduate School Guide.

Make Husker Connections

Husker Connect is an online platform that matches students with alumni with similar academic backgrounds or career pursuits for networking, mentoring, informational interviews, and professional development.

Find Resources in Our Newsletter

All students receive career coaching emails with employment opportunities, upcoming events, career tips and resources.

Attend Career Events

Funding for Career Development Events

The career coaching team is happy to help sponsor student activities that promote career development, up to $250.

Career Development Program Funding Request

Gain Experience—Your Way

Gaining experience clarifies your path and opens opportunities. Depending on your majors/minors, interests and goals, certain kinds of experience may be required. There is plenty of room to personalize your experience, so let CAS Career Coaches help you plan and pursue the best option for you.

Education Abroad

Education Abroad

Sharpen language skills, gain independence, and develop a global perspective while earning credit through education abroad.



Get valuable experience, build skills, and try out an employer or position. Many internships lead to permanent jobs!



Join at least two student organizations each term to network with others and work toward a leadership position.



Work in a lab, partner with a faculty member, or propose your own research—there are multiple opportunities for undergraduates.



Engage with the community and contribute your time and talents through a one-time or long-term service opportunity.

Prepare for Career Coaching

CAS Career Coaches create a friendly and supportive environment centered on your interests, skills, goals, and next steps. We are partners in your career development process.

Your career coach will guide the process by:

  • Creating a friendly and supportive environment centered on you.
  • Asking questions about what you like, what you're good at, and what's important to you.
  • Showing you tools and resources to assist with career exploration, preparation, and pursuit.
  • Collaborating with you to identify your next steps—there is always a next step.
  • Helping you gain confidence connecting your academics and experience to pursue opportunities.

We encourage you to be open for:

  • Learning about your interests, skills, and values related to career paths.
  • Identifying and pursuing meaningful academic and experiential learning opportunities to further develop your skills and knowledge.
  • Following up on next steps as identified and discussed in your meetings.

Common topics and questions:

Major/Career Exploration

  • What can I do with my major?
  • Does my major/minor lead to the career I want?
  • How do I create a career plan when I don't know what I want?

Part-time Job/Internship

  • What types of jobs or internships are right for me?
  • How do I land a competitive role?
  • When should I pursue an internship?
  • What internships are available for my major?

Experiential Learning

  • What types of experience support my career goals?
  • How do I find or apply for different types of experiences?
  • What are my next steps after completing an experience?

Resume/Cover Letter

  • What should I put on my resume?
  • How do I make a resume if I don't have experience?
  • How do I tailor my resume to the job I'm applying for?
  • When do I need a cover letter, and what do I put in it?
  • How can I stand out as an applicant?

Graduate/Professional School

  • How do I know if or when to continue my education?
  • How do I find graduate programs?
  • What does the application process look like?
  • What do I say in a personal statement?

Job Search Strategies

  • When should I start my job search?
  • How do I know if I am qualified to apply for an opportunity?
  • What do I need to have ready for submitting applications?


  • What questions can I expect?
  • How do I talk about my weaknesses?
  • What do I say in response to "tell me about yourself"?
  • What questions should I ask? How should I dress?

Connect With Your Career Development Partners

We collaborate with key people and university resources to help support your career development.

Faculty and Academic Advisors

Faculty and academic advisors are the experts in the departments of your major(s) and minor(s). They provide direction on courses, research opportunities, student organizations, honor societies, internships, graduate school, and more.

University Career Services

University Career Services provides career resources for all students including Handshake (an online job platform for campus), career fairs and events, Focus 2 Career assessment, Job Search Guide and Pursuing Graduate School guide, and more.

Pre-Health and Pre-Law Advising

The Explore Center provides students pursuing a Pre-Health or Pre-Law path with academic advising and career coaching from experts on what it takes to prepare, apply, and get accepted. They routinely offer workshops.

Where Can an Arts and Sciences Degree Take You?

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