Marketing and Communication

Marketing and Communication

We encourage our areas to consult with the college’s Marketing and Communication (MarComm) on:

  • Digital communications: eNews, social media, digital signage, and website development
  • Event coordination
  • Media relations
  • News releases and stories
  • Photography
  • Print marketing materials: brochures, posters, flyers, newsletter, and direct mail pieces
  • Special projects
  • Video

We will help you find the right resource to get your project done.
Contact Terri Pieper, Director of Marketing and Communication, at 472-2826 or to get started.

Branding Guidelines

In general, communication should follow the university’s brand identity, outlined in the Brand Guide, and include:

  • Email signatures
  • Lockups for the college and areas - the Nebraska N and area name as one graphic - which can be downloaded from the university’s Lockup Factory using your university credentials
  • Nondiscrimination statement to link to online.
    For print, use: “The University of Nebraska does not discriminate based upon any protected status. Please see ©2020, The Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska. All rights reserved.”
  • Voice and writing guidelines in general
  • Wordmark
  • Writing style guide - topics in alphabetical order

CAS has developed a college look that incorporates the university's presence while integrating elements that represent our areas. We use fonts, colors and themes in conjunction with the university’s toolbox and brand book.

Nebraska N

News, Stories, and Events

Step 1
Your area

First, gather the who, what, when, where, and why.

Then, post to:

1a The news section of your website

1b Your area’s event calendar at, making it public so that the college and university can add to their calendar

1c The Announce system for possible inclusion on Nebraska Today and/or a news release. Here are instructions.

1d Your area's social media channels

1e so we can help get the word out!

Step 2
The college

We will review the details of your content to decide what actions to take. We may:

  • Post as news to the college website
  • Assist with posting to your area website, if needed
  • Post to college social media channels
  • Publish digital signage for first floor and twelfth floor of Oldfather Hall, which can be shared with other areas’ digital signage as relevant
  • Post event details to college event calendar

We work with University Communication to determine what stories are elevated beyond your area and the college channels. The writers we work with are Deann Gayman, Social Sciences and Humanities; and Scott Schrage, Natural and Mathematical Sciences.

Step 3
University Communication

They determine whether the content is at the level of a news release and/or Nebraska Today story. If so, they may share in a variety of ways:

  • Format and distribute the news release via Announce
  • Publish on Nebraska Today
  • Post to the university's Facebook and Twitter channels
  • Post to the university event calendar

You will need to check Nebraska Today periodically. University Communication does not guarantee publication.

Event Coordination

If you or your area are planning an event on campus and would like consultation about available resources, the college has an event coordinator who can meet with you. Use this form to send us the details regarding an event.

Event Request form

Celebration of Excellence

Specialty items and printing


Specialty items

Please contact Terri Pieper with any artwork for t-shirts or specialty items to ensure it is in compliance with university guidelines.

The university has approved vendors to use - here are a couple.


On campus sources:

Digital Signage

The College of Arts and Sciences has digital signage guidelines. Please review these before creating and sending a digital sign request.

If you want to add content to digital signage:

If you are an area in our college and are interested in installing a digital signage display, please contact Terri Pieper.

Instructions for uploading slides to unit or area digital signage using Box.

digital signage
in front of Architecture Hall on UNL campus


If you need photos for your area or professional headshots, contact University Communication:

Complimentary digital images of campus

Digital photo archive



MediaHub is a proprietary university video player that allows users to upload, store and display media on their university websites. Mediahub allows videos to be viewed in places where YouTube is blocked, such as China and K-12 schools.

If your video does not have captions, you can have captions added in compliance with federal and state accessibility regulations. This is required by law.

The university has a YouTube channel with playlists. YouTube is the second largest search engine and reaches more people than Mediahub. We suggest posting to both.

YouTube captions videos, but with mixed results. You can also upload your own captions.

To post to the university’s YouTube or Mediahub channels, email David Fitzgibbon at with University Communication.

Here's how to compress and upload video.

Production and recording

Contact University Communication's Videography area and talk to David Fitzgibbon, or 472-8520.

Contact IANR Media and talk to Mike Kamm, or 472-9716.

Web Development

For basic web page editing and management

UNLcms is the system in the background of the college’s websites that allows you to manage and make basic edits to web pages and manage related files.

UNLcms documentation: a how-to guide for using the UNLcms.

CAS website documentation for news entries, directory entries, and other functions specific to college websites.

The Web Developer Network has a chat room for questions.

For advanced web page development

UNLedu Web Framework is the university’s website template. Use this for content formatting and layout.

Nebraska's Web Framework documentation for columned layouts, horizontal content sections (bands), images, color palette, and other tricks for advanced developers.

IANR Media resources provides additional tools, such as responsive tables, for advanced users.

Send technical questions to Mike O’Connor, Web Specialist for the college, at 472-6460 or