P & T Candidate File Preparation

Online File Tabs and Related Documents

Numbering indicates the tab order.

  • Please submit recommendations for reappointments, promotion or promotion and tenure using the college's promotion and tenure online system. If you are off-campus, connect with Global Protect VPN first before clicking the link to the system.
  • For guidance on what goes in each tab, please follow these instructions.

Administrative Section

1. Transmittal form, tenure clock alterations, and apportionment changes

a. Transmittal form

b. Tenure clock alteration: Insert here a copy of the tenure clock extension agreement sent to you by the EVC.

c. Apportionment change (if relevant): Summarize using the Apportionment Change Documentation Form.

2. Annual evaluations and reappointments

3. Department Review Committee letter

4. Chair letter

5. College Promotion and Tenure Committee letter

6. Dean letter

7. EVC letter

8. External reviews

College Model Letters
Soliciting External Reviews

Sending Files to External Reviewers

9. Peer and department evaluation letters

10. Course listing and evaluation

Candidate Section

11. Curriculum vitae

12. Candidate statements

a. Teaching statement examples

b. Research statement examples

c. Service statement examples


13. Evidence of teaching

14. Evidence of scholarly, professional, and creative activity

15. Evidence of professional and institutional service activities

  • How the RPT system orders the appendix material in the Export File: Excel file