Paul Suder


Philosophy, Biological Sciences (Pre-Med)


Biochemistry, French, Psychology

Omaha, NE

Why you chose your major

As a pre-med student, I have learned from family friends who did a similar path in college that I should major in both a science and something I enjoy to balance out the more difficult and busy pre-med courses. Biology is the science that I most enjoy, and I have always loved philosophy, so they were natural choices for my major.

In terms of choosing my minors, I chose biochemistry because it doesn't require any extra classes from my biological sciences and pre-med courses. I added a French minor because I wish to work for MSF after medical school, and they largely operate in former French colonies (and they're a French organization), so French is helpful to learn. Lastly, I chose psychology because I want to specifically be a neurosurgeon or neurologist, and I can shape my psychology minor to largely focus on neurology and neuroscience."

Favorite and/or most impactful course

Philosophy 101 has made the biggest impact on me. Initially, I felt that philosophy may not be the right major for me, but after taking the introductory course, I knew that I would stick with the subject and continue to love it. The first classes you take for your major can always make or break your continuation of the major, but thankfully for me it helped reinvigorate my love for the material.

Research or internship experience

This summer, I participated in the STAR Program (Summer Training in Anesthesiology Research) at UNMC. Across 10 weeks, I collaborated with faculty in the Departments of Cellular/Integrative Philosophy and Anesthesiology to map systemic plasma extravasation in rats post-myocardial infarction (essentially a fancy way of saying that we mapped fluid leakage into surrounding organs).

It was an incredibly busy but rewarding summer, and as a result of my work, I will be receiving a publication in the near future, and the opportunity to present my findings at a conference in Long Beach next spring! I need to thank my mentor from the Pre-med Undergraduate Mentorship Program for helping me put together such a strong application for the program.

Other involvement

My other involvements include being the Founder and Co-President of Friends of MSF at UNL, the Vice President and Travel Chair of the UNL Curling Club, Treasurer for UNL Quiz Bowl, and being a Peer Mentor for the Honors Program.

Why you chose Nebraska

The wonderful financial aid and relative proximity in Omaha (not too close and not too far). Being able to transfer dual enrollment credits from UNO was also great, as it has allowed me to pursue multiple majors and minors.
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