42 Huskers named Chancellor's Scholars for spring 2023

Photo Credit: Campus and a tree in the spring
Fri, 04/28/2023 - 09:53

42 students with majors in the College of Arts and Sciences have been named Chancellor's Scholars for earning an A in every undergraduate class. This is the highest academic award the university offers and is shared by 93 student scholars who will graduate in May.

  • Emily Barajas, psychology
  • Renee Box, biological sciences
  • Samantha Byrd, history
  • Thomas Clare, microbiology
  • Shelby Crays, broadcasting (CoJMC), film studies
  • Charlie Croteau, psychology
  • Sophia Duggan, psychology
  • Alyssa Farrens, English
  • Phoebe Feis, political science
  • Katie Fischer, political science
  • Brynn Fuelberth, environmental studies
  • Nathan Gentry, computer science
  • Samuel Gilbert, actuarial science (CoB), mathematics, finance (CoB)
  • Anne Goodman, political science
  • Joshua Gromowsky, mathematics, political science
  • Madison Gulizia, biological sciences
  • Jaela Hardin, psychology
  • Ryan Hruby, computer science, mathematics
  • Noah Hudson, computer science
  • Michael Ilg, biological sciences
  • Zoe Keese, biochemistry
  • Michael Kelly, computer science
  • Emma Krab, journalism (CoJMC), English
  • Logan Larsen, psychology
  • Khanh (Krystal) Le, psychology
  • Lauren Lintner, psychology
  • Brenna Mazour, psychology
  • Kieran McWilliams, computer science
  • Andrew Minchow, biochemistry
  • McKenzie Nelson, German, global studies
  • Quan Nguyen, computer science, mathematics
  • Phuc Nguyen, political science, Russian
  • Kim Hao Nguyen, computer science, mathematics
  • Leah Olson, computer science
  • Osvaldo Palma Vargas, sociology
  • Charlie Peng, computer science, actuarial science (CoB), finance (CoB)
  • Mili Samal, political science
  • Nora Santelman, anthropology, classics and religious studies
  • Zachary Streich, computer science
  • Abby Thramer, chemistry
  • Carly Trebac, biological sciences
  • Lillyan Uhlmann, history, global studies

The Chancellor’s Scholars will be listed in the May 2023 Commencement program. Each scholar will receive a Chancellor’s Scholar certificate with their diploma and a Chancellor’s Scholar pin to wear on the ribbon of their medallion. They will be seated together at the ceremony and will receive their diplomas first.