Accolades and Top Sponsored Programs, November 2017

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Mon, 12/04/2017 - 13:55


Myra Cohen, computer science and engineering, was recognized as part of the Association for Computing Machinery’s Distinguished Members list, which honors outstanding contributions from scientists in the computing and information technology fields.

Mila Saskova-Pierce, modern languages and literatures (emeritus), was named honorary Czech consulate for Nebraska by Gov. Pete Ricketts and Czech Republic Ambassador Hynek Kmonicek. In this role, she will promote Czech culture in Nebraska and serve in a dignitary role when Czech officials visit the state.

Three faculty were named fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the world’s largest general scientific society. Fellows are selected by peers for scientifically or socially distinguished achievements that advance science or its application. Nebraska’s new AAAS fellows are:

  • David Hage, chemistry, for contributions to analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, particularly in the development of high-performance affinity chromatography and related affinity-based separation methods.
  • Jim Lewis, mathematics, for his leadership in improving mathematics education and his ability to unite diverse stakeholders in support of positive change in mathematics teaching and learning.
  • Jay Storz, biological sciences, for his evolutionary biology research, particularly mechanisms of protein evolution, gene family evolution and the mechanistic basis of biochemical and physiological adaptation.

Saravanan Raju, computer science and engineering, was awarded the Jane N. Ryland Fellowship by EDUCAUSE, the largest association of professionals in technology committed to advancing higher education. The fellowship is designed to help build future leaders in computing and information technology at higher education institutions.

Top Sponsored Programs

D. Berkowitz, T. Helikar, R. Powers
Department of Chemistry/Department of Biochemistry

  • $757,782
  • National Strategic Research Institute
  • Medical Countermeasure Drug Discovery and Development

B. Shadwick
Department of Physics and Astronomy

  • $632,020
  • Department of Energy
  • Generation and Control of Self-Organized Nonlinear Kinetic Structures in High-Energy Density Plasmas in the Presence of Intense Magnetic Fields and Ultrashort Laser Pulses

J. Van Etten, J. DeLong, D. Dunigan
Department of Plant Pathology/School of Biological Sciences

  • $1,192,224
  • University of Delaware
  • RII Track-2 FEC: G2P in VOM: An Experimental and Analytical Framework for Genome-to- Phenome Connections in Viruses of Microbes

C. Meiklejohn
School of Biological Sciences

  • $1,298,165
  • National Institutes of Health
  • Investigating the Special Role of Sex Chromosomes in Speciation: Discovering the Molecular Identities, Functions, and Evolutionary Histories of X-Linked Hybrid Male Sterility Genes in Drosophila

J. Storz, C. Meiklejohn, K. Montooth
School of Biological Sciences

  • $1,856,000
  • University of Montana
  • RII Track-2 FEC: Using Natural Variation to Educate, Innovate and Lead (UNVEIL): A Collaborative Research Network to Advance Genome-to-Phenome Connections in the Wild

C. Wood, P. Angeletti, J. West
School of Biological Sciences/Department of Biochemistry/Nebraska Center for Virology

  • $3,842,954
  • National Institutes of Health
  • Zambia AIDS Malignancies Diagnosis and Pathogenesis Program


Accolades and Top Sponsored Programs from the Office of Research and Economic Development.