Achievements for June 16, 2017

Photo Credit: Campus aerial photo
Mon, 06/19/2017 - 07:59

William G. Thomas III, professor of history, earned the 2017 Hubbell Prize for best article published in "Civil War History" during 2016. His study, “Places of Exchange: An Analysis of Human and Material Flows in Civil War Alexandria, Virginia,” examined geographic, military and topographical conditions in Alexandria during the Civil War. Thomas co-authored the work with Kaci Nash, a research associate fellow at the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities at Nebraska, and Robert Shepard of the University of Iowa.

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Lauren Brown-Hulme, a journalism and political science major, received an Article of the Year award for “Shepherd of the Streets, which is part of a student-led “Wounds of Whiteclay” depth-report, and finished in second place in the writing category. She was recognized at the 2017 Hearst National Championships, which were celebrated June 1 in San Francisco.