Alexis Voges-Moore Ovation

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An Ovation for

Alexis Voges-Moore

Student worker
Department of Modern Languages and Literatures

October 2017

“Lexi has literally been a life-saver for DMLL. She has stepped in at a time of extreme understaffing, and has shouldered the kind of work normally given to a regular staff worker. She is efficient, always willing to take care of problems, professional, friendly, and richly deserving of recognition!!”

- - -

“Lexie began as a student worker in our department during a difficult time of staff shortages. Despite a heavy workload and long hours she always maintains a positive and professional demeanor and steps up to help problem solve any issues that arise. She has always gone far beyond what is expected of a "typical" student worker, whether that is covering the office when I need to be out or taking on additional responsibility to keep the department running. Lexie has become an essential part of our staff and I can honestly say we could not do this without her. Please give her an Ovation!”

- - -

“Lexie has been an asset to our Department! She is professional, reliable, humble, and good-humored, even in the most stressful situations. She has helped us cope with chronic short-staffing issues with poise and confidence. Most people forget that she is a full-time undergraduate student. Recently, I had to insist she stay home when she was not feeling well. I can't lavish enough praise on her, she keeps us up and running!”

- - -

“Alexis is very responsible, punctual, hardworking, kind and helps students a lot. I think she is deserved for this reward really.”