Alumni and U: Ellen Kratzer and Kindra Foster

Photo Credit: Alumni and U with Ellen Kratzer and Kindra Foster
Mon, 02/22/2021 - 15:35

One student. One alumni. One question, answered—which can start a great conversation that leads to opportunities to learn, grow, and network.

To further prepare students for the winding path of life after graduation, we're trying something new in 2021: having students ask those who have been there, our alumni, for advice.

In our first match-up, we connected senior Ellen Kratzer to our alumna Kindra Foster.

Ellen Kratzer

Ellen Kratzer
Year: Senior
Majors: English, classical languages
Minor: Digital humanities
Career Goals: To work in the publishing industry as an acquisitions editor or designer for children's books.

Kindra Foster

Kindra Foster
Graduation Year: 1989
Majors: English, Great Plains studies
Minor: Psychology
Occupation: Independent writer and editor at Foster Executive Writing and Editing

What was most helpful to you as you transitioned from college to your career?

After graduation with an Arts and Sciences degree majoring in English and Great Plains studies and a minor in psychology, I have realized two things were the most helpful to me in my career:

  1. During college and after, I have continued to hone my technical language skill. Almost 40 years later, this is probably the number one thing that has ensured my career as an independent writer and editor. I'm constantly reviewing and honing my knowledge of style guides and my own personal habits of writing.
  2. It has become abundantly clear to me that the reason I have succeeded in the real world as a writer and editor is that I am relentless about pursuing opportunities. If nothing is coming my way, I spend eight hours a day out there connecting with people and looking for pockets of need.

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