Applause for Dodie Eveleth

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An Applause for

Dodie Eveleth

Business Manager
BPAC Business Center


“Dodie is an OUTSTANDING business manager! I can't list all the things she does and it's always with the most cheerful, positive can-do attitude. A total team player, she is always there to work with you on whatever may arise and let you know 'you've got this!'. This would be amazing if she was business manager of only 1 department, but she's managing 3! There aren't enough words to express how much she deserves the Applause award.”

• • •

“I would like to nominate Dodie Eveleth because I have never had such a wonderful supervisor- Dodie's professionalism and positivity have had such a big impact on me personally as well as our team. She helps us develop game plans for the busiest times of the year, and makes sure that everyone has everything they need for success. She is flexible and open, which has helped us push out some very important efficiency projects. I know I can count on her to help me with any situation that comes up and I appreciate the example she sets for all of us.”

• • •

“Dodie is a phenomenal supervisor and colleague. She is kind and understanding, and always takes an interest in what you have to say. She wears many hats and has many duties, but she balances them all so well and dedicates herself so fully to each area and treats everyone with such care. I think that's a word that applies well to Dodie: care. She genuinely does care about each of her staff members and won't hesitate to remind them of this. Before Dodie, I'd never had an employer tell me that they believed in me, saw potential in me, and wanted me to succeed. I consider myself so lucky to know her and work with her. For Dodie, it's not just about clocking in from 8-5. She strives to create a welcoming environment, a close-knit community that supports each other and spends meaningful time together to strengthen our relationships and to make the office place you look forward to going to each day. Dodie is what all managers should strive to be: a real leader and a warm, genuine person you feel comfortable with and know you can trust. It's an honor and a delight to be part of her team.”

• • •

“Dodie is glue that keeps the BPAC programs running. Dodie hears about everything that is going wrong and works out a way to address it, if possible. She’s an outstanding leader and deserves an Applause!”