CAS in the national news, April 2020

Photo Credit: Newspapers
Tue, 05/05/2020 - 22:02

Kate Lyons, biological sciences, was quoted in an April 13 Scientific American article on a new study showing that mammalian fossils from the current geologic age will consist almost entirely of humans, livestock and pets.

“As I was reading the paper, I was thinking sadly of all the ecological questions that I am able to ask using the Pleistocene fossil record that will be unanswerable using this future fossil record,” she said.

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Carrick Detweiler, computer science and engineering, and Adam Houston, Earth and atmospheric sciences, will be working on NASA’s University Leadership Initiative as part of the Oklahoma State University team. The team will look for ways to improve real-time weather forecasting of low-level winds and turbulence in both rural and urban environments with an eye toward improving safety for unmanned aircraft systems flying in AAM operations. The project was highlighted in Nebraska Ag Connection, and more than 130 other media outlets.

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Tierney Lorenz, psychology, has published a study showing that taking selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor antidepressants during childhood or adolescence is linked to lower sexual desire in adult women. PsyPost published an April 13 article on the research.

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Xia Hong, physics and astronomy, and colleagues recently discovered unusual light-filtering effects in a nanoscopic structure that could spur the development of smaller, smarter optical filters. and ran articles on the research.