Four CAS faculty, staff named fellows for student success

Photo Credit: Tamy Burnett, Kathleen Lacey, Taylor Livingston, and Alexander Zupan
Mon, 09/20/2021 - 13:21

The Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor has announced its fourth cohort of Faculty Fellows for Student Success.

The four CAS faculty and staff are:

  • Tamy Burnett, associate director, University Honors Program; lecturer, English and Women's and Gender Studies
  • Kathleen Lacey, academic adviser and lecturer, English and Women's and Gender Studies
  • Taylor Livingston, assistant professor of practice, Global Integrative Studies
  • Alexander Zupan, associate professor, Mathematics

"We'll be focused on strategies for retention, experiential learning, academic advocacy, case management and addressing equity gaps in degree completion," Amy Goodburn, senior associate vice chancellor and dean of undergraduate education, said in the announcement.

The fellows will meet each month to review research literature on factors that impact student success, study institutional data, and discuss university initiatives surrounding student success. They will also interact with directors of academic support and engagement units and former fellows who have facilitated student success initiatives in their departments and colleges.