Jones selected for visiting scholar program

Photo Credit: Jeannette Jones
Thu, 05/20/2021 - 09:47

Jeannette Jones has been selected for the Distinguished Visiting Scholars program at the University at Buffalo's Center for Diversity Innovation (CDI).

The program's goal is to have the cohort "substantially advance diversity, equity, and inclusion at the University at Buffalo...through their record of scholarship and/or creative endeavors, teaching, mentoring, and service, as well as their skills, experiences, underrepresentation, and areas of scholarly and/or creative expertise."

Jones is an associate professor in the Department of History, the Institute for Ethnic Studies, and the Women's and Gender Studies program. As part of the second cohort of eight scholars, she will spend the 2021-22 academic year at UB working on a project while mentoring students, sharing research, and attending events—all connected to impacting the campus community.

"Members were selected based on their excellence in their fields, commitment to student mentoring, and ability to have the greatest possible influence on our UB, SUNY, and local communities," Maura Belliveau, director of the program, said.

CDI's program is one of the largest diversity-themed visiting faculty programs in the United States. The cohort was chosen by a university-wide selection committee chaired by the center director and nine faculty members across academic disciplines.