Meet Bianca Lange

Photo Credit: Bianca Lange
Thu, 10/15/2020 - 17:02

Major: Psychology
Minor: Gerontology for occupational therapy
Hometown: Cameron, Missouri

Helping others has always been something Bianca is passionate about.

In her small hometown, she volunteered at the public library where she prided herself in greeting the visitors and helping them find what they needed. Seeing people leave with a smile on her face drove her to pursue more opportunities to lend a hand.

As a desk assistant at Harper, Schramm, Smith, and Village, Bianca works to provide students, parents and visitors a safe but exciting environment where they can excel at their studies and grow as people. She loves to meet different people and the challenge of the role, but helping people is what first drew her to the job.

"I'm the first smiling face they see when they walk through the doors to their dorm rooms. Residents come to the desk for a variety of reasons ranging from cable issues to roommate disagreements. They trust me (and the desk staff) to help with whatever issue they may need fixing at that moment and it's such a good feeling to be able to solve that problem for them."

She's also passionate about safety as it enables her to continue helping others. It's something that's been extremely important right now, and she's sure to follow all guidelines both in her job—like wearing a mask and sanitizing surfaces—and with her friends as they find socially distant ways to connect.

This combination of community and safety is something Bianca also hopes find in a post-grad career. She looks forward to becoming an occupational therapist and advocating for older adults.

In this job, Bianca will help improve their quality of life, help them understand programs and services they can receive and combat any negative treatment or stereotypes of aging adults.

Wherever she is—whether volunteering, working or just being in her community—Bianca will continue to live by one rule: "Everyone has a right to live and receive the care they need. No matter who you are or where you come from."