Meet David Carr

Photo Credit: Images of David Carr
Tue, 09/14/2021 - 11:38

Major: History

"I always had a dream of going to UNL. My parents took me to visit a lot during middle school and I loved walking through the campuses and seeing students going from class to class.

"It's been great to be back in classes again. I also work at at the new library on East Campus and have been happy to see students returning. Before work, I usually try to wind down from my busy school day and read a book (recently I've been reading one I self-published titled 'Mist'). During breaks at work, I spend my time in different sections of the library studying, reading or doing homework. I live alone and walk to campus which takes about an hour of my day and I love the exercise. Recently, I cleaned out my apartment and bought a new dining table which has improved the Feng shui of my place. I also got dressed up in my finest Sunday duds for a family reunion and during the long weekend I hung at the pool with my friends.

"One of my favorite things about Nebraska is feeling very connected to my peers and instructors. I enjoy class discussions and the many friends and acquaintances I've made through my time here as a student and working at the library. My supervisors and coworkers at Dinsdale Family Learning Commons have been a very important part of my life in the last two years and helped me feel safe and welcomed."