Meet Jared Long, NSE Orientation Leader

Photo Credit: Jared Long
Mon, 06/10/2019 - 13:25

Majors: Political science (and journalism through the College of Journalism and Mass Communication)
Hometown: Beloit, KS

Jared knows how hard it can be going to a new place. When he first came to the university as an out-of-state student, he didn't know anyone. But he quickly found his own community, and now he wants to encourage other students to do the same.

By making connections in the Honors Program and the Association of Students at the University of Nebraska student government, Jared found people that pushed him to succeed. Now serving as internal vice president of ASUN, his goal is to make forming student organizations as simple as possible so others can get involved on campus.

Nebraska's culture of involvement helped Jared find his home away from home, and he hopes it can help others too.

The most surprising thing about Nebraska:
"The most surprising thing about Nebraska is how small campus can feel sometimes. I came to Lincoln from a town of 3,800, so I was definitely nervous about finding my place at such a large campus. In order to combat that fear, I got involved right from the very beginning. I joined student organizations, introduced myself to my professors, took advantage of the resource centers on campus and reached out to my classmates.

"Within a matter of days, I went from not knowing a single person on campus to recognizing multiple familiar faces as I made the short walk between the Union and the library. I constantly bump into friends and acquaintances on campus every day, and that makes Nebraska feel much more like home.

"No matter how small the campus community can feel sometimes, I still feel lucky to be attending a large university—at least large in comparison to my hometown. I always have friends not too far away, but I also know that a new person and a new experience is just around the corner. This unique balance has really surprised me."

On getting involved:
"Student government played a big role in my high school career, so I knew I wanted to continue to be involved during college. Getting involved during my freshman year through the Freshman Campus Leadership Associates introduced me to student leaders who have become some of my best friends. Serving as Internal Vice President has given me the opportunity to give back to the University community that has given me so much.

"Getting involved in something I was passionate about right away empowered me to successfully navigate the transition to college."