Meet Luke Woosley

Photo Credit: Luke Woosley: I'm a Husker and supporting families battling childhood cancer
Tue, 08/09/2022 - 16:06

Majors: Biology, Psychology

Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

When his baby brother was diagnosed with brain cancer, reality completely changed for Luke’s family: friends couldn't come over, the house had to be deep-cleaned once a week and hospital visits filled with feelings of helplessness became the norm. The experience connected Luke with Lighthouse Family Retreat (@lighthousefr) and opened his eyes to his purpose in life—joining the medical field to help children and families battling pediatric illnesses.

Luke first experienced Lighthouse at the end of his brother’s treatment when his family attended their summer retreat for families fighting childhood cancer. Seeing the impact the organization had on others firsthand, Luke became interested in finding ways to support families like his.

As Luke integrated himself into campus life, he joined clubs like Dance Marathon (@undm_) and UNL's American Medical Student Association (@unlamsa) which allowed him to explore his passions and make a difference in the lives of others.

During his first year, he received an offer to be a retreat leader for Lighthouse. In addition to the experiences he was gaining on campus, he would spend two summers helping families escape their stresses at home through group bonding sessions, barbecues, beach nights and date nights for parents.

“For a week, the families don’t have to worry about hospitals, doing laundry, cooking, any of their daily pressures. I could take that away from them and make a big difference in their life.”

After seeing his brother beat cancer and supporting others through his involvements, Luke looks forward to entering the medical school application process and hopes to help children as a pediatric orthopedic doctor.

“I find pride and purpose in helping these children. These families are going through a lot and if they’re flying down a river and I can be that branch they hold onto or a part of the boat that carries them out, that’s huge to me. That’s what draws me to the medical field.”