Meet Natalia Acosta

Photo Credit: Natalia Acosta
Fri, 08/30/2019 - 08:46

Program: Clinical psychology
Hometown: Cartagena, Colombia

While many students will be settling back into their on-campus routines this September, Natalia will be traveling nearly 3,000 miles away.

As a part of her fellowship through the American Association of University Women, the clinical psychology PhD student will be traveling to Bogotá, Colombia, to conduct research and create treatment plans for women who have experienced traumatic events.

Though her fellowship project is focused only on women in Bogotá, Natalia hopes that her research can eventually reach people outside of that population and make treatment for traumatic events accessible for more communities.

When Natalia isn't traveling the world to help others, she can often be found in the Latinx Mental Health and Treatment Outcomes Lab within the Department of Psychology. The lab's focus is addressing mental health disparities in Lincoln's Latinx population and providing clinical care and research on the community. It's run by Dr. Trey Andrews, Natalia's adviser. Dr. Andrews also will be assisting her in her research in Colombia.

As an international student, Natalia originally looked at a variety of different clinical psychology programs in the United States, but the integration of research and clinical work at Nebraska stood out among the rest. She picked the program to work with Dr. Andrews and the lab, and she has grown to love the state. "Nebraska has been so welcoming."