Meet Nia Martinez

Photo Credit: Nia Martinez
Thu, 07/02/2020 - 13:48

Majors: Spanish, Communication Studies
Minor: Ethnic Studies
Hometown: Lexington, Nebraska

Why did you apply to be an NSE leader?
I applied to be an NSE leader because I was interested in this leadership position. It was also closely tied with my interests in student affairs and my job as a peer mentor in OASIS. I also wanted to be an orientation leader because my NSE day was a bit intimidating for me as a first-generation student and I wanted to be able to reassure other students like myself that they are a GREAT fit for college, and they belong here at UNL.

Who has helped you be successful at Nebraska, and how?
A person who has helped me be successful at Nebraska would definitely be my OASIS seminar instructor. She was able to connect me to the resources I needed on campus and really helped me adjust to campus culture and life. I was also able to get a leadership role as an OASIS peer mentor, which helped me find my passion and interest in student affairs.

How do you describe the University of Nebraska?
When I tell people I attend the University of Nebraska I always point out that Gabrielle Union is a proud alumni! I also mention that UNL has a great campus culture and community and that this is a fantastic place to learn and earn your degree.

What does being a Husker mean to you?
Being a Husker means being resilient, gritty, and hardworking. We have lots of character and even more Husker Pride!

How have you connected on campus?
I've recently started the process of undergraduate research with my COMM 311 professor. She talked to me about conducting research this upcoming fall and also about graduate school. I'm really looking forward to participating in undergraduate research this fall, especially because I'll get to be studying some of my niche interests! I never really thought research was for me, but this opportunity has me seriously considering graduate school.

Campus involvement
I'm involved with the Office of Academic Success and Intercultural Services, also known as OASIS. I'm a peer mentor and help teach an 11-week seminar in the fall. I'm also in Residence Life as a resident assistant in Selleck Hall!

One memorable or impactful experience
My experience as a resident assistant this past semester has definitely been one of the most memorable and impactful experiences I've had at UNL. I started as a mid- semester hire and had to learn the ropes quickly, and even had to adapt to changes that were being made due to the pandemic. I'm really grateful to have had this experience because I feel like I've been able to become more adaptable in situations and I was able to get really close to my team and build solid connections with my fellow RAs. Selleck is now my home away from home and I'd redo this past semester again in a heartbeat.

"The best thing about Nebraska is ______."
The people!

Best advice to a new college student
Your perspective is everything. Just because an experience is new or not something you expected, doesn't mean it's bad! Keep an open mindset, and get out of your comfort zone.

Favorite ice cream flavor
Ben & Jerry's Half Baked. I can't choose between chocolate chip cookie pieces or fudge brownie bits, so why not both? :-)

Favorite binge-worthy TV show
La Casa de Las Flores! It's a Spanish novela-type show on Netftix.