Meet Ramarro Lamar

Photo Credit: Ramarro Lamar
Thu, 11/07/2019 - 12:31

Major: Political science
Hometown: Downers Grove, Illinois

What's the last hobby you picked up?
Recording music and song writing. The irony of it all is I'm terrible at remembering lyrics and can't read music for the life of me, but make up for it by playing everything by ear.

What's the best part about living in Lincoln?
A major perk about living in Lincoln is being in the middle of where everything's happening. With all of the restaurants in the Haymarket, Husker Sporting events, Bars on O street, or Concerts at Pinnacle Bank Arena, there's always something to get into.

What's your favorite place on campus?
The Pershing Military and Naval Science Building is definitely my go to favorite spot on campus. It's conveniently located in the center of campus which is nice for a break in between classes. We also have our own weight lifting area, basketball courts, and student resources to ensure success of Cadets and Midshipmen in all areas.

What do you miss most about home?
There's something about the Chicago skyline from Lake Michigan that I will never be able to stay away from. That on top of the amazing food from Giordano's and Portillos or any other Chicago styled restaurants that are just unmatched.

When I'm not in class...
I usually can always be found walking Abel, my 18 month old German Shepherd doggo around Lincoln and city campus. He loves the excess amount of squirrels and bunnies on campus.

Who should everyone be following?
If you're not following @marro_lamar, @huskercheersquad, or @huskerscarlets, what are you waiting for because you're missing out!

Who are you listening to right now?
"It's You" by Ali Gatie, 10/10 would recommend.