Mortar Board members inducted for 2023-24

Photo Credit: Mortar Board graphic
Tue, 04/04/2023 - 00:00

Students, faculty, staff, and alumni were honored by the University of Nebraska–Lincoln at its annual Ivy Day ceremonies on April 1. The event, co-sponsored by Mortar Board and the Innocents Society, recognized outstanding contributions of students selected to serve in the two senior honorary organizations, as well as the achievements of current members and notable underclassmen and seniors. Ceremonies took place at Sheldon Museum of Art and concluded with the traditional planting of the ivy by the 2023-24 presidents of the societies.

New members of Mortar Board are tapped into the Black Masque Chapter each spring by Mortar Boarders wearing black masks and robes. The 26 new members were selected based on scholarship, leadership and service.

New members with majors in CAS:

  • Grant Auman, political science, Spanish, and economics
  • Quinlan Couch, biochemistry
  • Carson Dettmer, biochemistry
  • Henry Drvol, biological sciences
  • Janana Khattak, political science
  • Joseph Kirshenbaum, chemistry and economics
  • Preston Kotik, biochemistry and political science
  • Lauren Kruger, biological sciences
  • Shivani Mudhelli, mathematics (and computer science)
  • Emily Plotnik, biological sciences
  • Samuel Spethman, political science and communication studies
  • Chanasei Ziemann, biological sciences and biochemistry