In the national news, February 2018

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Fri, 03/09/2018 - 11:12

Eric Weaver, assistant professor of biological sciences at Nebraska, was quoted in a Feb. 16 Huffington Post article about many Americans skipping out on flu vaccines. He said yearly flu shots that are less than 50 percent effective are not an attractive product for Americans. Weaver and other researchers at Nebraska are working on a universal vaccine that could provide lifelong protection against the flu.

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Max Perry Mueller, classics and religious studies, was interviewed for a Feb. 16 Washington Post story on Mitt Romney running for Senate and the Mormon Church losing some of its clout on Capitol Hill.

Mueller also wrote a Feb. 20 Slate piece about Romney's Senate run. He said the former Massachusetts governor and two-time presidential candidate is running to safeguard his own legacy and the Constitution.

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Emily Kazyak, sociology and women's and gender studies, and Kelsy Burke, sociology, wrote a Feb. 28 piece for The Conversation on their forthcoming study about Nebraskans' opinions of "religious freedom" laws. They posit that such laws continue to pass in part because people on both sides of the issue appeal to the American values of rights, freedom and capitalism to justify their position. The piece appeared in more than a dozen media outlets across the country.

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A New Voices bill that would provide student journalists protection from censorship has stalled in the Nebraska Legislature. Madison Pohlman, a sophomore global studies and political science major at Nebraska, was interviewed for a Feb. 28 article on the Student Press Law Center website about the bill.