Nolan receives two awards for geology research

Photo Credit: Jason Nolan
Fri, 08/29/2014 - 15:12
Jason Nolan, a graduate student in Earth and atmospheric sciences, has won two awards, which include funding for his research, from the Geological Society of America.

The first award was given by GSA’s Hydrogeology Division as a top-five graduate student research proposal.

The second award, an Outstanding Mention, is given to the top 10 research proposals from more than 700 grant applications submitted to the society for funding. Outstanding Mentions are proposals of exceptional merit in conception and presentation.

Nolan’s proposal, “Anthropogenically Enhanced Mobilization of Naturally Occurring Uranium in Drinking Water,” earned the awards, which will be presented at the GSA annual meeting in October.

"Jason certainly serves as an example of successful interdisciplinary research merging geology and biology as well as the excellent graduate training that is available through various departments in the College of Arts and Sciences as well as UNL," Karrie Weber, assistant professor and Nolan's research supervisor, said.